Vigor Loop Is Introducing A New Way Of Commerce Implementing Blockchain Technology

With $OVO Coin, Vigor Loop is bringing reality beyond fiction and redefining the future of businesses.

Over the past few years, Blockchain technology has evolved significantly, and the time is ripe for businesses to take advantage of the blockchain revolution. With this belief, six ambitious entrepreneurs launched Vigor Loop. Their mission is to create the most innovative company by leveraging the Blockchain system that can help bring the business of tomorrow into the present and help the whole industry enter a new era of commerce.

They believe that Blockchain has the potential to give humanity the means to make the world a better place. They aim to move this future-forward by finding new and engaging ways to accelerate mass adoption of crypto and bring non-crypto people on board by providing them real benefits.

Vigor Loop and the $OVO Coin form an ideal combination that is bringing this vision into reality. 

Vigor Loop is the first company with unlimited ownership. This means for the first time ever, investors can own a part of the company by simply purchasing $OVO Coins.

Vigor Loop began its commercialisation in May, with over 20 products available including clothing and GYM Accessories.

The team works hard to expand and diversify their commercial branches to reach huge quantities of customers by creating new products without losing sight of their values.

As part of their ambitious roadmap, they are developing other concepts for deployment in the last quarters of this year. A mobile app is under development and will bring to its users features including free workout programs, an eLearning platform, and a personalised space for their investors where users will be able to control and monitor their investment and do so much more. This App is set to release in the summer while their first NFT collection will start minting.

By that time they will be settled for their biggest deployment of 2022, the VL Smart Recycling Box. This concept will play an important role in sustainability, as it will allow everyone to easily recycle containers of beverages.

Being the exclusive token within the Vigor Loop ecosystem along with BNB, the $OVO Coin is built for maximum efficiency and utility. Its primary purpose is to symbolize the shares of the corporation. 

One of the Vigor Loop CO-Founders, Dylan Sanz Garcia, announced that the company is successfully settled after achieving all rights and approvals required. The launch date of the $OVO Coin has been set for the 18th of May. The presale and fundraising for the project will start on the 15th of May from 12:00 PM (GMT), taking place on the Pinksale platform. 

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Company Name: Vigor Loop Co

Contact Person: Dylan Sanz Garcia 



City : London

Country: United Kingdom

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