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Video Translations Improve Sales Conversions


If content is king, video is the king of content. With the advent of mobile devices, tablets, and improved streaming speeds, the popularity of video among consumers is higher than ever and continues to grow.

Studies demonstrate that video should be a prime component of online marketing . Youtube alone accounts for over a billion hours of video streaming every day, hitting the coveted 18- to 34-year-old demographic more than any other medium, including television. Four times as many people prefer watching videos about products rather than reading about them. With facts like these supporting the idea that video is the marketing medium of the future, it’s essential that advertisers understand how to leverage this strategy for an international audience.

Leveraging Video in a Multilingual World

For companies marketing to online consumers, using professional translating services to interpret videos into foreign languages for local and global consumers presents an opportunity for greater ROI. Youtube, for instance, offers its services in 88 countries and in 76 languages.

Web analytics demonstrate that videos increase sales conversions  by an impressive 80%. Incorporating video into email campaigns increases open rates by almost 20% and reduces unsubscribe rates by 26%. Those rates can only improve with language translation versions.

Search engines use time spent on a website to determine search rankings. The longer visitors stay, the higher the ranking. Video encourages visitors to stay on websites. People also share videos, which in turn elevates search rankings. It pays to include video, especially since the coveted millennial demographic is consistently the prime viewer market.

Companies can exploit video for higher response rates by designing globally marketing strategies with quality language translations. By building video strategies with professional website translation right from the beginning, companies can more effectively tailor their global marketing. These companies offer support with quality translations that match branding across languages while accounting for local cultural nuances.

Language Service Providers Offer More Strategies

Producing separate video campaigns in different languages might be a solution. That level of production, however, increases costs which eats into overall ROI. With translation services, marketers can leverage existing material for better results at lower cost.

Perhaps the least costly method for reaching foreign markets is subtitling of existing material. Subtitles require viewers to multitask in terms of watching a video and reading simultaneously, which can take the focus away from subject of the video.

Voice dubbing has higher response rates since it retains viewer focus on the video message. Existing materials with live actors can be used across global markets. If done poorly, however, the syncing of voice and visuals can be a distraction.

Animation can be the best cost-effective approach. Without live actors, the production issues of voice dubbing fade away so there are no concerns about poor syncing. A language service provider can then change the narration for professional results in accessing a wider audience.

Video Connects Markets on a Global Scale

Language service provides know how to navigate around cultural barriers and bridge the gap between companies and locals. They can partner with organizations at all budget levels to ensure quality presentations that resonate with viewers regardless of language.

Targeting the global market with video marketing has the potential to expand brand identity and bring sales to greater heights. If companies hit that winning combination of product and presentation through accurate messaging, viral content sharing won’t stop at the border.

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