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Video Marketing: How To Maximize Your Reach


Video Marketing is a key ingredient of an integrated online marketing communications strategy designed to enhance audience engagement via online activity around a particular video. In the past, a video message was typically a static image that showed no change and only served to entertain or inform a specific audience. However, recent technological advances have allowed for the production of many short videos that are easily found on the Internet. These videos can be made for a variety of different reasons, such as advertising a new product or service, a commercial for a business, or even to simply provide viewers with information about the company’s history or current activities. Many businesses have discovered that the production of a short video message at the beginning of their marketing campaigns, as well as the creation of many in-depth videos that provide viewers with additional information can significantly boost a company’s online visibility.

Video Marketing is very similar to article marketing, in which keywords and related phrases are used repeatedly throughout an article to attract visitors to the site. Although both tactics have the ability to drive traffic to a site, Video Marketing utilizes audio and visual materials that are easier to comprehend and which are likely to stay in the viewer’s mind for a longer period of time. Additionally, video marketing allows for more targeted keyword placements, because people who watch a video are more likely to remember the exact phrase that they saw than they would if they read an article that repeating the same keywords over. Also, videos are often easier to share across social media outlets than articles, as sharing images can be done quickly and conveniently. This ability to share images and videos across various platforms also makes Video Marketing more effective for businesses looking to communicate their message to a large number of people.

There are a variety of ways that Video Marketing can be effective for a business. The most basic goal of this online marketing strategy is to create a large amount of in-demand video content for viewers to choose from. In order to do this, a business must create multiple streams of content, which can be sent to different social media outlets and submitted to article directories, press release sites, online communities, and viral marketing sites such as YouTube. Because of the large and varied audience that these outlets have, Video Marketing can often give a business a significant advantage over their competitors when it comes to getting their message out to a large audience. Since it is easier to distribute video content than it is to write and publish articles, a business that has a consistent presence on a variety of social media sites will have a much greater opportunity to gain a significant number of new leads.

video marketing

Video marketing

A specific example of Video Marketing that is becoming increasingly popular among companies is Instinctive Social Media Marketing. In Instinctive Social Media Marketing a company takes advantage of the visual appeal of video content by repurposing existing videos into advertisements. For instance, instead of making a short commercial about a new product or service, a business may instead make an Instinctive Social Media Marketing video about the product or service that they are offering. They can then submit this video to YouTube, to several other social media sites, and to other websites that allow videos to be posted without charge.

While a company can choose to repurpose their existing marketing videos for the purpose of advertising, another very effective way to use video for promoting a brand is to post the video to various websites that provide general entertainment. Examples of sites that would be a good choice to post a video for your company include YouTube, eHow, Vimeo, MySpaceTV, and Yahoo! Videos.

Video Marketing is the ideal way to increase a brand’s reach. By producing high quality and informative videos, businesses are providing consumers with information that they will value. In addition, these videos will help to establish a positive reputation for the brand, as consumers will be able to watch these videos and understand what the company offers. The use of video production services can help to maximize the reach of a brand’s message, and the resulting effect on a consumer’s opinion of the brand can be quite powerful. For these reasons, a company that is serious about expanding its presence in the marketplace should consider hiring a qualified professional video production company to handle the production aspects of marketing.

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