VidBy: Artificial Intelligence Software Capable of Translating Videos and Audio Files to 70+ Different Languages.

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VidBy is Set to Change the Future of Video Content with its AI Software that Quickly Translates Video or Audio Files to 70+ Languages with Unprecedented 99%-100% Translation Accuracy.

The team at VidBy has taken a notable step toward helping people understand video and audio content regardless of the original language used in the production and recording of the video or audio. In recent times, people have been sidelined from viewing videos or listening to audios that are recorded in languages different from their native language, notwithstanding the value of the information in the video/audio. 

As a result, video content creators, marketing videos, YouTube videos, and movies included are capable of reaching only a specific number of people as a result of diversity in languages. Over the years, people have relied on translating companies to translate and dub videos and audios but the translations are usually not entirely accurate, and the charges are extremely high, coupled with the amount of time required to complete the translations.

The undeniable existence of these issues brought about the creation of VidBy.

VidBy: Overview

VidBy was founded by Alexander Konovalov and Eugen von Rubinberg in September 2021 in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, and consists of a team of 25 people who are professionals in their distinct fields. The development team is based in Ukraine while all other aspects of the company–sales, marketing, and the actual office, are located in Switzerland in the canton of Zug. 

The company’s team of experts has a comprehensive experience in language technology, and its founders were once technology partners of Google which awarded them for their technology and innovation called DROTR. DROTR was VidBy’s parent and was at the time the world’s foremost translation service for video calls.

The VidBy project was tailored to provide a faster, efficient, convenient, and affordable means for users to translate video and audio across 70+ languages for the ever-growing video and audio content market. Because of this, various influencers, educational platforms, international companies, video content producers, public institutions, and others have already used this technology to their advantage. 

Studies have revealed that the world of market subtitles alone is valued at $30 billion. However, IT solutions account for 3% of this market. Therefore, companies like VidBy that create groundbreaking solutions for this field have tremendous investment potential.

Since this technology is only going to get better with time, the future of video content looks very promising. In a short time, video content will be available for everyone, not just for the people who speak or understand the language it was created. 

What is VidBy?

VidBy is an online service that utilizes AI-powered algorithms and automated speech translation technology to help video creators of all kinds accelerate the translation and dubbing process of their videos or audios across 70+ languages while maintaining nearly perfect quality and accuracy of 99%.

VidBy offers the perfect blend of simplicity, price, speed, and quality of translation. A noteworthy feature of VidBy is that, unlike similar services, VidBy can engage humans who scrutinize the translation and fix errors, if any. This guarantees a flawless and unparalleled translation.

VidBy provides a subscription model for B2B clients and payment by order for B2C clients. The rates for VidBy’s services are subject to change, depending on the accuracy of the translation. The B2B option offers 80% accuracy for $0.9 per minute for each language that is translated.

The B2C option offers 99% accuracy for $5.9 per minute for the first translated language and $0.9 per minute for each additional language. This affordable pricing gives interested parties the opportunity to translate speech anywhere and at any time, thereby enabling businesses and people to connect and interact with each other. 

VidBy’s Core Mission

The idea behind VidBy is to create a technology to aid understanding. Studies have shown that only about 17% of the world’s population speak and understand English and about 83% speak other different languages. Also, Studies have revealed that people are more likely to react and resonate with content whether marketing or entertainment that is made in their own language. Hence, the importance of striking a balance.

This is where VidBy comes in. Having a higher societal purpose, VidBy’s core mission is to help people understand video and audio content in their own languages without tampering with the linguistic diversity of humankind.

 Due to the exponential progress of VidBy, its founders – Alexander Konovalov and Eugen von Rubinberg now offer international companies, media houses, NGOs, States, influencers, and every other person, a way to reliably and quickly translate speech in 70+ languages.

Noteworthy Milestones Achieved Using VidBy

Since the second day of the Ukraine war, the founder of VidBy – Alexander Konovalov has been using VidBy to help the defense effort in a peculiar way. He translated videos for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into 20 to 30 languages. 

Konovalov worked directly with Zelensky and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and helped to translate specific videos at their request. Most videos were about 10 minutes long, and one featured an approximately two-hour interview with Olena Zelensky, Ukraine’s First Lady. In all, Konovalov worked on about 75 videos.

About 50 Ukrainian embassies around the world translated videos using AI-powered software. Embassies conducted a thorough check on the quality of translation, as even the smallest errors could lead to catastrophic consequences.

To summarize, with the success of VidBy so far, it is undoubtedly aimed at achieving a higher societal purpose as its benefits are unmatched. Hence, interested parties have started to use it to their advantage.

To view some examples of the translations, visit – National News Agency of Ukraine: Selenskyj speech (translation into English)

Ukrainian Embassy in Brazil: Selenskyj speech (translation into Portuguese)

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