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Vicky’s Red Velvet Cake is a Fast-Selling Hit Among Candle Fans

RALEIGH, NC — In 2020, Victoria Mclean-Callaway, already the owner of a successful event planning agency, launched her second business venture: a candle-making company. Inspired by her love for a particular, elegant dessert, she worked with her husband to settle on a name for the brand, and they soon decided on the name “Vicky’s Red Velvet Cake”. Three years later, the company is a sleeper hit among her consumers.

Vicky’s Red Velvet Cake started with a candle of the same name and has since extended its collection to include carpet freshener and room spray. Both of the new items also include the signature red velvet smell. The candle industry can be known for its competitive nature as far as branding and marketing can go, but Victoria learned an important lesson. Humble packaging as straightforward as the dessert the brand is inspired by and a dedicated fan base can really go the extra mile.

“I was shocked and surprised,” says Victoria, recalling the first time she ever sold out, “but it let me know I had a good product and that I needed to keep going with it.”

Outside of the current available catalog, there is also another project in the works for the brand. She plans to release a candle dedicated to her late father, calling it The Book of James. She always admired what a caring, disciplined, and giving he was, and so she wanted to make a candle that truly honored his memory. “He had a lot of wisdom. This is why I called the candle ‘The Book of James’; he was filled to the brim with knowledge like an open book.”

For Victoria, Vicky’s Red Velvet Cake’s success has been an incredibly affirming process, and she already has new ideas in her mind for products to work on after the launch of The Book of James line. She works alongside her husband, who has been a proponent to her success. “It feels absolutely amazing to work with him. We’ve been married for almost 20 years. My success is his success; We’re partners for life, and we’ll make it to the top together. I love that he supports me and has been there every step of the way. I love him!” Victoria hopes to achieve 100,000 followers on Instagram within the year and build the brand to a point where she can sell a million products.

Vicky’s Red Velvet Cake launched in 2020 and is a woman- and minority-owned business. Each product is carefully handmade and boasts long-lasting and robust fresh cake smells. Brand owner Victoria Mclean-Callaway has already been featured in CanvasRebel Magazine and hopes to grow the brand’s following within the year.

To learn more about the brand, connect with Vicky’s Red Velvet Cake on Instagram or visit the official website

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