Viber Has Launched Its Davis Cup Official Community

Viber, one of the world’s leading messaging platforms connecting over 1 billion users internationally, has launched its Davis Cup Community.

Telecommunications have fundamentally changed with the arrival of the internet. Simple messaging has now evolved into fully-fledged communications with VoIP and many other forms. Relying on the availability of smartphones, Viber is a telecommunications application that allows users to connect with people from all over the world through text messages, voice and even video chat.

The company has always believed that people do more than just communicate with their loved ones and others. Viber has evolved from just a simple communications application to a whole world where it has different communities. People who have the same likes and passion can connect from anywhere in the world to discuss, gain knowledge and simply meet people who share the same views.

Davis Cup and Viber

Sports are an integral part of any community. Viber understands this and has developed a broad and vibrant community based on sports. Loved by people from all over the world, Tennis is an international sport that has its own special place on Viber. A dedicated community on the platform means people can connect and discuss their tennis passion.

The world cup of Tennis , known as the Davis Cup, is an event that attracts people from every corner of the world. The event is held annually, managed by the International Tennis Federation. The tournament is based a team event from different countries and has a knock out format. The tournament started in 1990 as a competition between players of United States and Great Britain. Today, more than 135 countries take part in the elite competition.

The 2019 Davis Cup is in progress and is an emotional driven event that sees the most successful team of the United States (with 32 wins and 29 runner up), Australia (28 wins) and the last year champions, Croatia draw battle lines as they fight once again for the most coveted event in tennis.

Viber’s Davis Cup communities give fans of the sport and the event a chance to connect with likeminded people, discussing and offering their opinions, rooting for their favorite team and share their excitement as they cover each moment of the matches. Tennis fans need not be physically at the tournament and yet still have that euphoria of being in the stands from the comfort of their homes and couches.

Viber has always been known for creating wonderful content that engages their users and reflects their passions and emotions. Viber stickers are pieces of art, the use of deep colors and lively graphics make them appealing and capture the right emotions. For the Davis Cup fever, Viber has launched a dedicated sticker theme for the tournament. The stickers range from characterization of famous tennis players and fiery tennis balls.

About Viber

Created by an Israeli Duo Igor Magazinnik and Talmon Marco in 2010, Viber has grown from a simple VoIP application to a fully-fledged ecosystem that engages people in different ways to deliver a world of experience. Users can now interact through texts, join communities and meet new people. Viber was one of the first communication application in the smartphone market that freed the people from the worry of creating, yet another login. The user’s mobile number would be the login name, which, already memorized by the user, gave ease in logging in.

Viber has been acquired by the Japanese internet and ecommerce giant Rakuten in 2014. Since the acquisition, Viber has gained new heights and offers one of the most engaging and top of the line services. The application also offers its users ease of mind with great services such as end-to-end encryption (user privacy is protected to the maximum), option to delete a sent message (no matter how old) and even public accounts for organizations and celebrities.

Since its launch 9 years ago, Viber’s popularity has increased at a rapid rate, with roughly 9 million users.

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