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Vetter to Launch Incubator with Two Distinct  Launchpads – Transforming Crypto & Raising the Bar in DeFi

  • Following a successful launch in October 2021, Vetter Platform, with its LIVE dApp and robust CrowdX Calendar that gives investors timely data on upcoming blockchain releases, is launching a signature incubator with two distinct launchpads.

Heralded by many as “Crypto’s top vetting platform”, Vetter’s mission is to help rid the industry of scam tokens and provide advanced tools to investors to help them spot the next 100x. Vetter Platform incorporates advanced proprietary features powered by A.I. and crowdsourcing, designed for crypto users to confidently locate promising new crypto projects getting released to the market for the first time.

Vetter Skylabs and VSale Launchpads

With its two highly anticipated launchpads, Skylabs and VSale, Vetter’s ecosystem will now incubate and launch innovative projects across many chains (i.e. Eth, Bsc, Sol, and more).

Skylabs (VLABS)
Vetter Skylabs is both an incubator and Vetter’s flagship launchpad for top-tier projects, housing a staking function for the VLABS Token, where stakers receive guaranteed allocations in upcoming launches featured on the Skylabs Launchpad. VLABS also offers royalties, with 20% of the revenue generated from the launchpads going to stakers.

Stakers also receive a multiplier on their allocations and royalties by holding Vetter Token in their wallet. Vetter Token gives access to many tools within the ecosystem to assist users in locating the next 100x projects. To learn more, visit the website.

VSale – VSale will follow the standard decentralized launchpad model, where developers can use a simple self-service process to launch projects and lock liquidity. VSale is a ‘step-up’ from other common decentralized launchpads since Vetter Platform members investigate these projects while posting detailed information onto Vetter’s CrowdX Calendar. 

Both the Skylabs and VSale Launchpads bring greater integrity to the presale market while introducing developers and their projects to a large community of engaged, long-term holders.

Vetter CrowdX – Your One-Stop Solution for the Next 100x

CrowdX Calendar holds the majority of in-house built Vetter features. It helps users discover and sort for hidden gems newly launched across multiple networks.

Scouts post projects to the Calendar and vetters ‘vet’ the projects with more in-depth research, while voters audit the project once it launches to validate the data post-launch. 

CrowdX allows users to assess newly launched projects without having to spend massive time on the research side— making the DYOR process faster with less overwhelm. Rather than missing out because of the time investment usually required to do proper research— the CrowdX Calendar allows crypto participants to spend more time getting into highly anticipated projects daily, weekly, and monthly with educated foresight.

Vetter CrowdX also has a range of features designed to enhance gem spotting and sorting, including:

  • Launches – Where users can search vetted projects before they hit the market, and sort data based on the scout’s previous posting track record, which includes a color-coded ranking system. Purple scouts, for example in January’s data, were audited with a 91% success record of posting projects with a 2x or more within 24 hours of their respective project launching.  
  • Intuitive Oracle Allows users to sort for newly launching projects posted by scouts who have a successful track record with previous projects performing within specific time-frames. For example, if a user prefers getting into projects that do a 2x or more in the first 24 hours of launching, they would filter by 24-hour time-frame. But if they prefer projects that have a higher probability of performing well long term, they would select a time frame further out. 
  • Signals – A powerful social notification tool that enables users to follow their favorite scouts and members who are ranked highly on the platform, and be notified immediately once their target projects are about to launch.
  • Tracker – Allows users to track the projects they are following or have already participated in.  
  • VetterNFT – Like CrowdX but for the NFT market. Spot new NFT projects about to be released before the world has learned about them.
  • Vetter University – An educational video library curated by the global Vetter community to introduce users to the basics (and beyond) of decentralized finance (DeFi). This resource hub accelerates the learning curve for users to quickly navigate the crypto sphere for greater “know-how” and awareness. 
  • VetterTA – A Technical Analysis tool that enables users to search for and request TA data on projects on a hot-list of projects, saving users time in the DYOR process for recently released microcaps.
  • VetterVine – A “heard it through the grapevine” style feature where big players drip rumors and news before they hit the mainstream, allowing Vetter Platform users to get a leg-up on market insights. 
  • Multiplier – Where users can collect up to 20x multipliers on their guaranteed allocations & royalties received from staking their Vetter Skylab Launchpad Tokens, just by simultaneously holding Vetter Tokens in their wallet.

A Vetter European Tour!
Robyn Linn is representing Vetter Platform during the European events at BlockDown Croatia 2022 (May 11 to 13), Blockchain Week Rome 2022 (May 24 to 28), and the Berlin Blockchain Oracle Summit (June 7 to 9). Major billboards in Rome, as well as targeted digital ad placements, are also underway to maximize coverage and exposure. Come say ‘Ciao’ at the Vetter booths if you’re attending these events.

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