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Verlux Showcases Intriguing UI Designed Demo NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

The redesigned Verlux NFT Marketplace Front End has just been released. And it provides a preview of what the complete launch of their NFT Marketplace will look like. The development team has done significant work towards their Marketplace’s exclusive launch. Thereby, providing a user-friendly interface and a good user experience.

All-in-all as a decentralized marketplace for the exchange of NFTs, the Verlux NFT Marketplace aims to bring together NFT inventors and enthusiasts. In order to provide speedier transactions and a higher confirmation time, the Marketplace will use the Cardano Blockchain, which boasts excellent scalability, sustainability, and interoperability.

More so, the NFT Marketplace UI was developed to provide the most incredible user experience. Moreover, the process has been reduced to a few simple clicks for both sellers and purchasers.

In addition, to mint an artwork, a creator has to submit the artwork, provide some basic information about it in the content metadata, and enter their wallet address to get the NFT.

Added to this, The dev team has finished developing wallet connection APIs for Cardano web-based wallets like Nami to enable a smooth connection to their Marketplace, making trading NFTs decentralized. Even more, the Verlux will not be involved in the process of listing or purchasing NFTs on their platform, which will instead be handled through the Wallet Integration on the platform.

In fact, on the Verlux platform, buyers and sellers may choose between fixed and auction-based pricing options. More so, as a seller, one will have the option of setting a time limit for their auction or setting a minimum bid amount.

Smart Contract Development and Integration

With the help of Plutus, the Verlux Dev Team has begun building smart contracts. Cardano’s many testnets are now doing property-based testing on the smart contracts to verify that the system is highly assured. An early demo version will be made available to the community for testing and ideas before going live on the mainnet, allowing a larger audience for the Marketplace to operate fully for the first time for the general public.

Next Phase for Verlux

The subsequent phase is the public sale, which will be revealed prior to the sale beginning. In addition, users will be allowed to participate in the Public Sale even before the Exchange Listing.

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Company Name: Verlux

Contact Name: Mathias Grunther


Location: Walsall, West Midlands, UK

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