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Verlux- Largest Cardano Based NFT Cross-Chain Marketplace Announces its $VLX Token Pre-sale

Based on the Cardano Blockchain, Verlux quest to construct the largest Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace. Verlux has announced the commencement of their token pre-sale, which has started with a roar.

A decentralized cross-chain NFT platform based on the Cardano blockchain, Verlux enables users to exchange NFTs from other blockchains to the Cardano blockchain with ease. This invention makes NFTs a cost-effective environment by using the Cardano ecosystem’s low transaction costs, speed, and security.

This means that NFTs from other blockchains may be transferred to the Cardano blockchain while keeping the data’s validity and benefiting the Cardano blockchains cheap transaction cost. Verlux is building a staking platform where users may harvest limited edition and 100% unique NFTs by simply staking their tokens. Unlike Verlux and other NFT markets, this is one of the first Cardano initiatives to do so.

$VLX will fuel the Verlux Marketplace and ecosystem. Using this native Token, users can earn by staking and joining NFT Farming to acquire Featured NFT Drops. It also facilitates NFT transactions and serves as a governance structure for Verlux Ecosystem.

The distribution mechanism is equitable enough to prevent market manipulation. Moreover, the address will have more than 4% of the overall quantity of $VLX tokens.

$VLX Pre-Sale Info:

  • The $VLX Token Pre Sale is currently available at the $VLX Token Sale Page.

  • Users may buy $VLX tokens at a discount until the $VLX Pre-sale hard cap is reached.

  • 20% VLX Token Allocation (200,000,000)


  • 1 VLX = 0.0020 ADA

  • 1 ADA = 500 VLX

  • Minimum Buy: 200 ADA

  • Maximum Buy: 10,000

The $VLX Token has several uses on the Verlux platform, which will benefit token holders. Verlux aims to build a fully functional Cross-Chain NFT marketplace on the Cardano ecosystem in Q1 2022. The $VLX token sale proceeds will be utilized to create and further develop the project.

About Verlux:

Verlux is developing the first cross-chain exchange protocol for NFTs based on the Cardano Blockchain with its creative team’s expertise in blockchain technology. Verlux is committed to enhancing the NFT ecosystem by providing cutting-edge solutions.

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