Velix ID Verification Blockchain – Join the live Crowdsale and MVP.

A lot of questions have risen since the launch of token sales on Velix frictionless identity verification platform. People want to know what it is about, how it works, how it intends to integrate crowdsale and MVP into it’s working mechanism. Here, this article attempts in the best possible way to give answers to these questions by telling about Velix ID, focusing it more on the crowdsale and MVP being live.

Velix-ID since the launch of its token sale have been living up to its promises of providing a seamless identity verification, using coinbase technology. The platform has somewhat successfully integrated a special Ecosystem for frictionless verification process across the globe especially with its Crowdsale and MVP going live.


Crowdsale has been live on the Velix.ID platform since 17th of April 2018, and it has been doing well.

Bound to be live until at least 15th of may 2018, crowdsale on Velix platform is expected to pull in an unprecedented audience as time goes on.

Now what’s interesting about Velix taking its live crowdsale is the ease to sign up and participate in it. Signing up can be easily done with your Google or Facebook account or simply just create an entirely new account using your e-mail ID.

After logging it, next step is to input investment amount. Once done, you’ll accordingly receive some amount of VXD tokens, depending entirely on the amount you invest and the bonus you will be receiving.

Talking about bonus, the platform offers two special bonus structures including: PowerUp and PowerHour.


All purchases that were made during the first 24 hours of the token sale got additional 5%VXD tokens. This bonus was given to encourage early purchases. The bonus option is also still available for the first 24 hours of new account signing into the Velix.ID token sale platform.


During the time of crowdsale, Velix.ID will have two hours every week, when they will add 5% bonus to every purchases made within these open times.

The ETH has been pegged at 600 VXD per ETH for the period it will be on sale.

Payments are processed through CoinPayments.


MVP( Minimum Viable Prototype) is currently live on Velix.ID and allows for users to successfully create profiles and update their basic PII details on it.

With time, the app will be expanded further to support advanced levels of PII and allow for a process where information can be attested through blockchain.

Your data is not stored directly to the Velix database, making it is technically possible to create multiple Velix IDs, since there is no way it can be told if an e-mail address is already attached to an existing ID.

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