Velix-ID Partners With Bancor To Make The Flow Of Token Seamless

A lot is presently ongoing in the crypto-world. People and platforms are collaborating everyday to make the best out of the already very lucrative sector. With its use cases encompassing almost every aspect of life, it is only expected that these collaborations will bring about optimal usage of cryptocurrency.

A collaboration that has gotten the crypto-world talking over the past few days is the partnership between Velix-ID and Bancor.


Since its launch, Velix-ID has been living up to all its promises of providing an identity verification platform that’s seamless, using coinbase technology.

The platform enables frictionless identity verification process across the world. With Velix-ID, verified identities can now be exchanged between businesses and organizations at a speed that is incredibly jaw-dropping. The user’s consent is sought for in real time. Velix-ID has succeeded so far in its quest to build an ecosystem that optimizes time and cost using blockchain technology, zero-knowledge proofs, smart contracts, and stellar consensus protocol (SCP). Businesses now have a leverage to maximize their potentials.


On its part, Bancor is a decentralized blockchain network that provides a way for users to buy and sell tokens directly from their wallets in a way that is not only simple but cost-effective. It is a new standard for cryptocurrency users where Smart Tokens are created and intrinsically exchanged through their smart contracts.

The network makes use of a reserve method that’s not only unique but innovative to enable automatic price discovery and continuous liquidity for tokens, without having to bring two parties together in any exchange.

The collaboration

Velix-ID and Bancor recently announced a strategic listing partnership that is going to foster a common purpose of using blockchain technology to improve consumer service. With this partnership, both companies will work on developing a way to infuse the Velix-ID utility Token VXD into the working process of Bancor. This will further help Bancor achieve its mission of providing an autonomous, non-profit liquidity solution.

With Bancor, a new and easy way of trading is being presented, and this is going to benefit the Velix-ID too as the exchange of the VXD token is bound to become way better and more user-friendly.

With this partnership set to take effect, most users that are already subscribed to Velix-ID are counting their blessings, hoping that the collaboration with Bancor will triple the numerous benefits they are getting from the platform already.

For more information, visit the Velix.ID website:

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