Velix-ID Ends Crowdsale, Records Successful Token Sales

Very recently, a few cryptocurrency platforms have risen, making series of promises about providing a secured verification process, but one platform has stood out from all these promises, providing immense value to beat lots of other promises. Velix-ID is indeed a platform that should be looked out for in the coming days, especially with the rate of success it enjoyed during the past four weeks of its Crowdsale.

Here, we’ll have an overview of the platform, its partnerships, and how successful its recently concluded ICO was.

What Is Velix-ID?

Velix-ID has strongly lived up to its tag as a seamless and secure identification platform. It is providing identity verification for platforms, using Coinbase technology. The platform is not only secured but frictionless in its provision if identity verification services. With the use of Velix-ID, hundreds of businesses and organization can now exchange identity information at an incredibly jaw-dropping speed. It has been a success story so far for Velix-ID, especially as it quests to build a platform that optimizes time and reduces cost with the use of Blockchain technology.

A Successful Crowdsale

Velix-ID recently announced the end of its Crowdsale, which was adjudged as hugely successful. In its announcement, the platform stated that the Crowdsale period that lasted for four weeks was a massive success, with its ICO raising the maximum $2.5 million that was initially assigned for it. This is a massive improvement from the $1.4 million that was gotten in the January sale.

What’s Next On The Roadmap

Over the next three months, the platform is billed to be busy, with lots of interesting business offers and Product developments already in the process of springing out.

It is becoming a norm for most emerging cryptocurrency platforms to raise endless funds with lots of promises and in most cases end up not delivering on their promises or underdelivering. Velix-ID is not the only cryptocurrency platform promising frictionless identity, but you can already see that most of the other platforms are doing almost nothing to deliver on their terms of start-up.

A look at Velix-ID will reveal a lot of ongoing projects already, especially with an App that is already up on Play store and a partner panel that are presently undergoing alpha testing. Within the next one month, strategies have already been mapped out to open the platform for beta testing, so that users have a more secure and efficient signing up process.

As expected, tons of cryptocurrency businesses are already showing serious interest in integrating the Velix-ID services into the working process of their platforms. Identity verification is not a light issue and as such, the industry is not stopping at anything to integrate the more secure Velix-ID.


With everything set to deliver a seamless identification platform, it is now left for us to see how much Velix-ID will deliver on its promises, and how profitable the token will be for buyers.


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