Velix- A Global Platform For Frictionless Identity Verification

The continuous rise in the popularity of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies over the past few years means that most individuals and corporate groups are beginning to integrate the technology into there daily operations. People are constantly concerned with what will benefit them and their brand, and as such are trying to explore the positive side of the technology so that they can reap the maximum benefits it offers.

A major setback, however, is that many customers have been complaining about a very negative experience with identity verification, payments and customer support. Of course, it can be a very frustrating experience for users when identity verification fails.

It is against this background that Velix ID, a top-rated global platform for frictionless Identity verification is been set up. The platform that’s billed to launch the sale of its token in two days, has set a cause for itself to improve customer experience, especially in the aspects relating to identity verification troubles in cryptocurrency transactions and exchanges, by utilizing blockchain technology.

The company has found a way to integrate a special Ecosystem for a frictionless verification process across the globe, in the long run allowing for easy exchange of verified identities between businesses and corporate groups at an impressive speed, with the consent of the User, which will be gotten in real time.

Velix.ID has found a way to optimally utilize blockchain technology, Zero knowledge Proofs, smart contracts, and Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) to build a proficient ecosystem that will optimize time and cost resources to serve both businesses and consumers to their maximum potential.

Here are some of the promises that will set the platform apart in its working system.

  1. Faster and a more reliable ID verification through the process of artificial intelligence

The platform has incorporated processes that will allow for the use of artificial intelligence for identity verification. What this signifies is that the time that’s used for Identity verification will be grossly reduced, allowing the entire verification process to be successful in just a few seconds and not the hours that it could have taken ordinarily. The platform has also found a way to integrate an additional identity verification vendor that will help handle increased loads during periods when peak demands are experienced. Customers identity verification has never been this easy and fast.

  1. Better Customer experience.

100% is hundred percent. 95% can never be accepted as 100%. This simple mathematical illustration can be applied to success rate too. With the continuous partial failure of the conventional ways of identity verification, customers have been clamoring for a platform that uses the modern day blockchain technology to improve customer experience. Velix.ID has put necessary mechanisms in place to ensure accuracy and a 100% improved customer experience.


Although whether the platform will deliver on its many interesting promises is yet to be seen, having the ability to turn the process of identity verification around on a global stage will certainly stand it out for tremendous success.


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