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Vehicle Service Center on the Latest and Greatest in the Automotive Technology Industry

Automotive technology has made many exciting strides over the past several years. Automated communication, entertainment, and safety systems have become commonplace for many makes and models. These technologies will help car owners operate their vehicles more safely while experiencing enhanced convenience behind the wheel.

In 2019, there are several innovations which are poised to transform the car and light truck market. These new features, like steering avoidance and road scanning, can help to enhance the safety of the driving experience. Vehicle Service Center lists 7 of the top new car technologies for the coming year and describes how each can be used to make your ride safer and more convenient.

1) Steering Avoidance

Automatic braking systems and lane departure warnings are now standard on many cars. The new frontier of vehicle safety technology lies in the automatic steering system. This system can detect a car, person, or object in the road and safely steer around it. This represents a major step toward a fully automated driving experience. Lexus, Volvo, and other car manufacturers are beginning to introduce this feature.

2) Automatic Road Scanning

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a feature that scans the road ahead and automatically adjusts the suspension to deal with the coming road conditions. This could be a huge help in rural or urban areas with uneven roads, leading to less wear on the suspension and tires. This technology is at the beginning of its lifespan, and it may find its way into more vehicles as the years go by.

3) Wireless Mobile Device Charging

One of the tasks that most people want to accomplish in the car is charging their phones. Having the right charger on hand can be a hassle, especially if your family owns phones from more than one manufacturer. With a wireless charging pad integrated into the car, any phone can be charged easily.

4) App Control

While vehicle control apps have been in existence for some time, they have recently developed more advanced features. Remote start and locking or unlocking are common features. New features include the ability to monitor your vehicle in its parking area. Electric cars can also have their batteries monitored remotely. Some manufacturers have integrated smartwatch features with their apps.

5) Multi-Angle Surround Cameras

Backup cameras have been standard on many makes and models of cars for the past few years. These systems are becoming more sophisticated with multiple cameras for a surround view. These views can be combined into a complete 360-degree view of your entire car from the top, enabling you to make sure you are parked straight in a space and to avoid any possible hazards in your parking area. These cameras have the potential to increase vehicle safety and reduce the number of parking lot crashes, which are generally low-speed but high-cost.

6) Semi-Autonomous Systems

While fully autonomous driving systems are still being tested, semi-autonomous systems have begun to make it onto the market in passenger cars. Cadillac has begun to include its new Super Cruise system in its cars. This system can drive itself from 0 to 85 miles per hour, dealing with braking, avoidance, and cruise control functions.

The driver is required to pay attention and keep their eyes on the road, but they can remove their hands from the wheel. These systems have been fully safety-tested and are ready to help drivers avoid some of the drudgeries of long drives, especially in stop-and-go traffic conditions.

7) Exit Warning for Cyclists

One of the most common ways for cyclists to be injured is when they move past a car and the door opens into their path. Systems that provide a warning when a bicycle or pedestrian is detected have been introduced in some makes and models of cars. These systems alert the driver with sound and lights if they detect an obstacle. If the alert is ignored, the car’s doors can physically lock themselves to avoid striking the bicyclist or pedestrian.

Technology Innovations for Today’s Cars

The slate of impressive features rolling out in today’s cars presents a change in the driving landscape. While drivers have become accustomed to the safety and convenience of older features, they are able to drive more safely and easily with the addition of these special features. Vehicle Service Center offers support for each of these new features, enabling drivers to take advantage of them in their own cars.

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