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Veger Launches Power Bank With Built-in Connector and Fast Charging Feature


Are you a frequent traveler? Do you use your Smartphone or tablet too often? Are you always running out of battery when you are in need? Do you want some reliable solution? well, the power bank is the best option.

There are so many power bank brands are available there, however the Veger stands out from the crowd. You should consider all the aspects when you purchase the power banks. It includes the battery capacity, charging speed, portability, design, safety and security, and last but not least the cost. Your power bank should have all the required features and within your budget. In order to save your time, today, I am going to write about a renowned power bank brand name; the VEGER.

Background of the VEGER

The Veger Power Inc. was started in 2013 in the USA with the mission to provide the reliable and affordable solution to the mobile charging industry. Today, they are one of the leading brands in portable power banks and high quality chargers. With the help of reliable products and outstanding service, they could expand their business to over 110 countries worldwide.

Today, Veger has corporate offices in Europe, Middle East including Dubai and Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Indonesia & China. You can purchase their products from their main website, distributors and authorized  retailers& e-commerce sites like Amazon. Veger has a dedicated research team who are always involved in finding the latest technology to make their products more and more effective and user-friendly.

Features of Built-in Connector Mini Fast Charging Power Bank

There are two editions of the Built-in Connector Mini Fast Charging Power Bank available; 0556 and 0556P. Both comes with built-in upgraded cable. You don’t need any extra cables, and you don’t even need to take off your phone case. Simply plugin your phone to start the charging process. You can put a cap to protect your connector when not in use.

Both these mini power bank comes with the fast charging and recharging features. You can charge iPhone 13 to 60% in just 30 minutes. Furthermore, Veger power bank is lightweight and ultra slim, so that you carry in your pocket or purse. You can use the same power bank to charge Airpods. Please refer the user manual to find the more details about same. You need to activate the trickle charging mode by long pressing the power button for 2 seconds. The power bank comes with multiple safety system to protect you and your precious devices.

Company’s Address:
VEGER Power Inc.

Contact Details:
Contact Person: Anuj Saroch (Global Brand Manager)
Phone: +1 (323) 521-4183

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