VaultTech Introduces Vault Mobile App

VaultTech has made an announcement concerning the impending release of the Vault mobile application. The cryptocurrency startup made it clear that signups for its beta test are being accepted, and participants will have the opportunity to win $5,000 USDT.

TakeAway Points:

  • VaultTech introduces its Vault mobile app, offering a 5,000 USDT prize for beta test participants.
  • The mobile app will offer crypto services like VaultPad and Vault Staking.
  • VaultTech also announced partnerships with major companies like Visa and IBM.

VaultTech Mobile Application

According to a recent announcement, the Vault App will be available for Android and Apple iOS, allowing users to explore the Vault ecosystem. VaultTech’s services, such as VaultPad, Vault Staking, Vault Pay & Swap, and OTC/Escrow & Exchange, would be accessible through the application.

According to the report, VaultTech is unique in that it is an ecosystem that will include the Vault mobile application in addition to a variety of cryptocurrency services. OTC/Escrow & Exchange, Vault Pad, Vault Staking, and Vault Pay & Swap are some of these services. The company’s wide range of activities is impressive.

The mobile application will facilitate ERC-20 token exchanges and Visa crypto deposit operations. The application has not yet been made public, although it was on display at important blockchain events like ETH Denver.

One of the primary features, Vault Pay, will make it easier to convert fiat money into Vault’s native currency, VAULT. According to VaultTech, token owners will have special advantages and higher returns.

Newly Announced Partnerships 

Also, VaultTech has announced collaborations with major companies, including Chainlink, Visa, IBM, Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenAI, and Google Startups. The partnership with Amazon is believed to have significantly increased the company’s ability to scale operations and adjust to shifting business requirements.

Blockchain data provider Dune Analytics reports that VaultTech has 132 relationships with revenue of about $566,033. VaultTech highlights that this year’s big catalysts will be the impending mobile application and artificial intelligence assistance.

Dune Analytics, a blockchain data source, reports that VaultTech has 132 relationships with combined revenue of about $566,033. According to VaultTech, this year’s big catalysts will be the future mobile application and artificial intelligence support.

Presently, the market value of VaultTech’s cryptocurrency, VAULT, is only $14 million. The token is presently in circulation and has a maximum supply of 100 million. VAULT is now trading at $0.15 as of the time this article was written. Notably, the token has not yet been extended to other central exchanges while being listed on the Poloniex market. Nonetheless, it appears likely that the cryptocurrency will gain a lot of traction once it is listed on other major cryptocurrency exchanges, given the moves and collaborations.


OpenAI is a private research institute dedicated to advancing and guiding artificial intelligence (AI) for the betterment of everyone.  The company was founded by Elon Musk, Sam Altman and others in 2015 and is headquartered in San Francisco. The company’s aim to openly cooperate with other research organisations and individuals reflects its stated mission, which is to develop safe artificial general intelligence (AGI) for the benefit of humanity.

Chainlink is a decentralised blockchain oracle network based on Ethereum. It seeks to enable the transmission of unchangeable data from off-chain sources to on-chain smart contracts. According to its inventors, by directly connecting the contract to real-world data, events, payments, and other inputs, it may be used to independently check whether the terms of the contract are met without involving any of the contract’s stakeholders.

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