Varun Milind Kulkarni’s Impact in Digital Product Management Using Next-Gen AI and Data Products Has Set New Industry Standards

Varun Milind Kulkarni

The ability to create meaningful impact sets leaders and experts apart from the rest. True leaders go beyond surface-level expertise and knowledge. They possess the vision, drive, and determination to effect positive change in their fields. They harness their skills and expertise, navigate challenges, inspire others, and drive innovation that benefits communities. 

Varun Kulkarni, a prominent figure in the field of digital product management, embodies the true spirit of leadership and has been making significant contributions to the industry through his groundbreaking work in digital product management through AI and data products. His more than six years of professional experience and expertise in product management, operations research, and strategy have enabled him to launch next-generation and innovative digital solutions across the technology, healthcare, and B2B space.

Varun possesses a vision to utilize technology and build mission-critical digital products that improve and positively impact customer lives. He pursued an advanced MS degree from Northwestern University and an MBA from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management to make this dream happen. Since then, he has applied his knowledge and skills in the professional setting and developed tech products that changed how businesses and communities operate.  

Building excellence in his critical roles

Varun was formerly a product management expert at Deloitte, one of the US Big 4 consulting firms, where he worked for five and a half years. At Deloitte, he played a leading role in building and launching mission-critical digital platforms across the technology and healthcare sectors. At present, Varun is a Senior Engineering Product Manager at Cisco. He plays a critical role in building and launching the company’s mission-critical global AI-based cloud reporting and analytics products for B2B enterprises. He is at the forefront of pioneering, building, and launching B2B SaaS innovative digital solutions, leveraging his AI and cloud modernization expertise. He creates and manages state-of-the-art, flexible, intuitive, and AI-driven centralized web-based platforms that effectively tackle issues related to workforce optimization, infrastructure utilization, business operations, hybrid collaboration, and digital customer experiences. His methods of transforming legacy platforms through digitization and product management expertise elevate customer satisfaction.

Varun’s approach encompasses end-to-end product management and development expertise, strategic management, digital transformation models, specialized AI-led business transformation, data-driven product life cycles, advanced operations research methodologies, and cloud modernization techniques. This delivers next-gen Intelligent Reporting and Analytics Contact Center products to B2B customers worldwide, mainly focusing on boosting US businesses. 

Varun’s comprehensive skill set includes digital product management, operations research, AI business models, and statistical analysis, where he successfully oversees end-to-end product lifecycles, engages stakeholders, and influences the direction and management of cross-functional teams comprising product, UX, engineering, Data Scientists, Sales, and Marketing. His data-driven digital strategies ensure high-level customer-centric products, features, and capabilities, further solidifying his impact in improving experiences in the field. 

Other esteemed organizations also recognized Varun’s leadership, as he was featured and selected as an Industry Expert and Judge at the Stevie New Product and Service Awards and the Globee Information Technology Awards.  

He mentions, “I have always played leading and critical roles that gave me an opportunity to master the art of innovative and beneficial digital product management, leading to impactful and transformative real-life results.”

Transforming businesses with AI and Data

Varun’s work as a product leader has had a transformative impact on businesses, particularly on data-driven decision-making and operational optimization. Through his high-level integration of advanced digital technologies, enterprises experience optimized forecasting and predictive business strategies, significantly decreasing operating costs. 

US enterprises in the technology sector achieve year-over-year reductions in average workforce costs and substantial increases in US operating income. Similarly, Varun’s industry-leading AI-driven cloud Reporting and Analytics products have empowered US and global customers across various sectors, such as technology and healthcare, to streamline operations, optimize workforce collaboration and improve customer experiences. It also facilitated intelligent next-generation customer interactions, strategic management, and robust data visualizations and insights, allowing these enterprises to make operational decisions for increasing revenue forecasts.

Varun’s digital products have also overhauled and digitized the public-sector healthcare programs and legacy information systems used for Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and Long Term Care (LTC) for individuals that need affordable yet modern public-assistance healthcare in the US. It eliminated physical tasks, reduced manual errors, optimized and streamlined business operations, created frictionless and real-time customer experiences, and delivered timely and affordable healthcare services that benefited and improved healthcare services and health equity for 2 million end-users. 

During COVID-19, Varun managed the end-to-end product ideation, strategy, product requirements, development, and launch of a first-of-its-kind Cloud-based telehealth solution and digitized healthcare services, healthcare assessments, and medical appointments across a US state. This encompassed a million end users, 330+ healthcare providers, and Nursing and Hospice Care facilities in that state.

Varun mentions, “I aim nothing but to move businesses forward, improve health equity, and help the US economy by pushing the boundaries of what is possible with technology, with the right digital solutions.”

Going above and beyond

Varun possesses a remarkable ability to extend his influence far beyond the confines of the technological sphere. With his profound expertise in digital product management and keen understanding of the industry’s intricacies, he consistently publishes thought-provoking works that captivate his peers and other industry leaders.

Through his carefully crafted articles, such as “How to Effectively Deal with and Leverage Ambiguity as Product Managers” and “Enable PM Best Actions for Go-To-Market and Product Market Fit Through AI-based Data and Insights,” Varun provides invaluable guidance and thought leadership that empowers other technology practitioners as well as product leaders and transcends boundaries of what is possible with knowledge sharing. His work serves as a beacon for product management professionals across various sectors, illuminating the path to success in the ever-evolving landscape of digital product management.

Varun believes that these impacts and improved services are beginning for US enterprises to serve their customers better, grow business revenue, eliminate operational risk, increase agility to foster economic growth, and, most importantly, avoid unnecessary costs.

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