Various Means Of Earning In Bityard.

The rise of DeFi

When it comes to Bityard, earning is as simple as ABC. Bityard is a world renowned trading platforms that has gained noble reputation of putting in place many incentive programs that enables its users earn money with ease while trading.

Bityard is the world leading trading platform that offers safe, fast and simple cryptocurrrency/Derivative contract trading, spot exchange and copy trading.

There are many means to earn cool cash in Bityard there include:


To be eligible for this offer you will have to register at Bityard (click here to register), this takes less than 30 secs.

Bityard offers a total of $258USDT welcome bonus to all new users (Terms and conditions apply).

To claim bonus follow these steps:


  • Click here to register
  • Set user name (1USDT)
  • Bind mobile phone no or Email (1USDT)
  • Conduct a Demo trading (2USDT)


Make a first deposit of  0.5BTC and get 50USDT

Make a deposit of  0.05 and get 5USDT


  • Conduct live trade once (2USDT)
  • Surpass 10,000 in trading volume (8USDT)
  • Surpass 50,000 in trading volume (18USDT)
  • Surpass 200,000 in trading volume (38USDT)
  • Surpass 1,000,000 in trading volume (188USDT)


To participate in the Daily Bityard mining program download the Bityard app from google playstore or apple store.

Users can earn up to 10BYD ($0.6USDT) per day from just mining at Bityard. Mining assets will be converted and transferred to user’s gift money balance instantly. The balance from the mining program is withdraw-able and can be used to pay for fees on the site.

NB; The daily mining program on Bityard does not require any super computer, just use either your Bityard android or IOS app.


This is one of the easiest means of earning in Bityard,  the requirement is just;

  • Register
  • Click on affiliate stats
  • Copy your referral link and share to many potential investors.

NB; Users are paid commissions with respect to the number of referrals they have and the deposit made by each  referral.


Users can make huge earnings by just participating in any of the Bityard social Activities, some of the recently concluded activities are;

  • $7,777USDT predict and win Bitcoin price
  • $1000 worth of Ethereum writing contest on Publish0x
  • The Bityard YouTube contest
  • Bityard’s Snapex Red envelop, etc.

Some of the ongoing social activities on Bityard include;

  • Bityard Ambassadorship program
  • Bityard forex and stock market survey with 10,000TRX as reward to every participant

Once the required task for the social activities has been completed, rewards will be instantly distributed to the eligible participants through their BUID (Bityard unique ID).

For latest update on Bityard , join the Bityard official telegram group.


The copy trading package is one of the latest programs on Bityard. Users can apply to become copy traders for other users to copy from.

NB; copy traders are divided into two levels Ordinary traders and Star traders, they both enjoy 8% and 10% of the copy trade profit their realized.

On the other hand preoccupied users can earn by following and copying any trader of their choice on copy trade area.*


Bityard, the world leading trading platform has put in place many beneficial incentive programs . Apart from the major trading activities on Bityard (contract trading and spot exchange), users can earn on daily basis through the various programs on Bityard.

Preoccupied users are not left behind, they can also earn by copying any of the copy-traders of their choice.

These and many other features makes Bityard the top choice when it comes to cryptocurrrency trading.

To register on Bityard click here.

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