Vaporesso: The Very Best Vaping Technology And Innovation.


Nicotonia, the plant commonly known as tobacco was used by the natives of MesoAmerica as a value of exchange or to be smoked in pipes in sacred ceremonies. As Europeans started colonizing the Americas, the Spaniards were introduced to tobacco and it quickly gained popularity. The plant and its cured leaves were eventually sent back to Europe, where it became a lucrative trade as smoking.

Until the mid of the last century, smoking was a popular activity. Smoking was a norm and the manufacturers even hired medical professionals to promote their brand. However, when the negative effects of tobacco usage were discovered, the popularity reduced and many countries around the world adopted regulations limiting the marketing and use of tobacco products.

The Modern E-Cigarette


Ever since the negative effects of smoking were discovered and established people had been looking for alternative means of consuming tobacco to receive their dose of nicotine. Several attempts were made but it wasn’t till 2003 when a Chinese pharmacist was successful. A smoker himself who went through 3 packs a day, Hon Lik saw his father die from the side effects of smoking, and as one himself, he went about finding an alternate means of getting nicotine in a safer manner.

He extracted concentrated nicotine from tobacco and mixed it with a propylene glycol solution which he would heat in a small cartridge to boil the liquid and inhale it.

Essentially, a modern e-cigarette consists of two parts. The first is the mod. This is essentially a battery pack that powers the device. Depending on the size and power of the e-cigarette, this can be from a pen-sized rechargeable cell to large device with multiple batteries in it. Sitting on top of the mode is the atomizer. Atomizers come in many forms, such as plain tanks, rebuildable tanks, and even tankless ones. Atomizers are cartridges that contain a wick that absorbs the e-liquid and transfers it to heating coils.

When powered on, the coils heat up, boiling the liquid into vapors which then a  user inhales like a cigarette. With food grade chemicals simply boiling and creating steam, there are none of the thousands of chemicals that are burnt and inhaled using a traditional cigarette.

The e-cigarette was introduced in the China market the following year, with Europe and USA markets being opened in 2007. Over the years, the market has increased as the vaping scene has gained popularity. Today, there are several companies around the world that manufacture a variety of devices. The e-liquid has also evolved and now comes in a blend of different nicotine strength, the propylene glycol now being blended with vegetable glycerine and flavors.

Vaporesso: E-Cigarette at its Best

best Vaping Technology

Established in 2015, Vaporesso carries a rich history of e-cigarette manufacturing. It’s the parent company, SMOORE, with 11 years of experience in the industry, accounts for 16.5% of the global market share, according to Frost & Sullivan, based on 2019 revenue calculations. Vaporesso has quickly become popular in the vaping market with its innovative devices. The manufacturer goes beyond just creating vaping devices. Each model is carefully designed and crafted, making them very well made and a piece of art. 

Vaporesso employs over 13 thousand people to manufacture 2 million mods, 20 million atomizers, and 100 million coils a year. Replace the highlighted sentence into a summary about R&D, can take from the content below from their brochure.

Vaporesso is not your average company though and took a unique approach to its business model while developing its products.  Understanding there was a lack of a satisfactory vaping experience, as well as limited industry standards, they led by example to set the standard of what users should receive through innovation.  Rather than just creating a similar product they invested a lot in research and development mainly focusing on the technology and now still today they continue to invest over 20% of their revenue back into research and development.  This has led them to be the only industry member who funds its own labs which aim not only to perfect the design but also the satisfactory experience each user receives while vaping safely. 

aping safely

healthier Vaping

Vaporesso believes in giving people a healthier choice and a satisfying experience. The devices have none of the bad taste or smell associated with smoking and deliver superb performance. Just like traditional smokers who have their preferences in taste and blend of tobacco, Vaporesso understands that its users have different lifestyles and choices on what kind of e-cigarette to use. To cater to this, Vaporesso covers all-category production lines, from entry-level devices to products that meet more complex requirements of mid and high-end users.


(Vaporesso XROS)

  • Pods: Pods or often called pens are entry-level devices, these are small, handy and are the  look and feel like the size of an actual pen. The devices are easy to operate and the whole experience involves simply filling the cartridge, which you can then either use by drawing air in or by pressing a button to heat the coils and inhale.. Pen devices give the most realistic cigarette experience. XROS, recently released by Vaporesso is one of the most popular vaping pens for entry-level users.

(Vaporesso Gen S)

  • Mods: Rich in flavor and produce dense vapor cloud due to the powerful are the most advanced with customizable settings. The mod ranges from hand sized to larger sizes which are often called box mods with multiple batteries going up to 220 watts of power and can fit a variety of tanks, coils and atomizers.

(Vaporesso Target PM-80)

  • Pod Mods: Combining the boosted flavour production of a mod and yet being small enough to carry around easily like a traditional pod, Pod Mods merge the two designs of Pods and Mods and the concept to create a friendly user experience and yet carry enough power and customizable settings in a compact design that gives the user the best experience. They are often referred to as well as AIO, or all-in-one, combining the best features of each of the traditional models and experiences as is the next step in innovation.

Vaporesso devices are available all over the world and can be found on the website and in any standard vape store. The exceptional quality and artistic designs set the devices apart from its competitors.

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