Vantage Token helps in tracking donations down to all transaction levels so you know how your money is spent.

For years now, a lot of Blockchain-driven platforms have put many of us in awe with the way they have incorporated real-world uses and application into their systems, but apparently, we haven’t seen the half of it yet.

So, what if you could actually track your donations just like you track a product you ordered online? Well that is what the Vantage Network is for.

What exactly is the Vantage Network?

Vantage Network is a Contribution Tracking Platform that allows you as a donor, monitor how the money you donated to a fundraising campaign is being spent, right from the minute you contributed it to the transaction level. What this does is that it builds trust in non-profit organisations, increases donor loyalty, and eventually yields more money contributed to help those in need.

The Vantage Network is made up of a couple of amazing features like:

  • A web portal that enables non-profit organisations to seamlessly oversee their fundraising campaigns and develop donation points
  • A mobile payment application that non-profits can use to spend funds donated
  • A Blockchain platform that uses the Vantage Network’s in-app token to track donations and spending
  • A platform that manages digital assets and is used to operate the entire system and;
  • Software APIs that incorporate several nodes to allow the generation of campaign analytics and tracking of fiat currencies.

The technology being utilised by the Vantage Network is powered by the NEM blockchain which makes the processes on the platform easy even for people that are not particularly experts in blockchain. Now, people can track their donations to non-profits without having to know the entirety of the blockchain technology.

The Vantage Token (XVT)

Just like other Blockchain-based platforms, the Vantage network has an in-app token known as Vantage Tokens (XVT) which are major components of the entire Vantage network

The Vantage Token is able to track donations by simply leveraging on the potentials of the Blockchain technology. Donations to non-profit organisations are made using credit cards and a tracking ID is given to the donor. After the donation has been received by the organisation, donors can easily track it and observe what it is being spent on.

When donations are made via the Vantage Network, a small percentage of every donation is converted into XVT. These are then used within the platform to track how non-profit organisations spend the donations received by them.


The Vantage Network is not just another blockchain platform or another tracking token or charity coin, it is something more than all of that. The Network gives an outlook on the new world where donors can know exactly what their money is being used for.

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