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Vanity Phone Number: Meaning, Benefits, How to Get It

Vanity Phone Number

Are you considering getting a vanity number for your business but wondering if you are making the right choice? If yes then you have come to the right place. Increased competition has forced many businesses to think outside the box to stay afloat and attract more customers. One technique that most businesses today utilize to attract more customers and increase brand awareness is the use of vanity numbers. So, what exactly is a vanity number, what are its benefits and how can you get one? In this article, we will talk about vanity numbers in-depth to help you determine if they are worth buying or not.

What are vanity numbers?

Vanity numbers are unique phone numbers that are easy to remember. They either contain a number that describes what the business does, the business name, or a specific repeating number sequence that is easy to remember such as 888 or 1234. The reason why vanity numbers are widely used in the business world is that they are very easy to remember. Customers can easily memorize the number the first time they see them. Examples of vanity numbers include 1-800 FLOWERS, 888 PLUMBER, and 843- TAX TIPS.

Types of vanity numbers

Toll-free vanity numbers

As the name suggests, toll-free vanity numbers do not charge the customer for placing a call. The cost of the call is paid by the business owner. The toll-free vanity number is usually a great choice for businesses that target national customers. Popular prefixes for toll-free vanity numbers include 866,877 and 800.

Local vanity numbers

Local vanity numbers are those that have local prefixes like 310 and 210. Unlike toll-free vanity numbers that are free for the customer, local vanity numbers are not free. The customer is responsible for the call charges. A local vanity number is ideal for people that target customers in a specific area.

Benefits of vanity numbers

They are very easy to remember

One of the main benefits of using vanity phone numbers is that they are very easy to remember. Unlike a regular phone number which the customer has to write down in order to remember, a vanity number can be memorized easily. They are incredibly easy to remember because they use a predictable sequence. The fact that vanity numbers are easy to remember means that customers are more likely to contact and do business with your company.

They help to advertise your business

Another benefit of vanity numbers is that they help to advertise the business. The fact that they are easy to remember means that your target customers can also remember your business if you use the right words. For example, if your business deals with flower delivery, then a vanity number like 1-800- FLOWERS can help advertise your flower business. Every time the customer types the number on their phone, they will remember the name of your business and the products or services offered. The use of a vanity number is a great marketing technique to utilize to increase your brand visibility without incurring huge financial costs.

It increases your business’s credibility

Several studies have shown that customers tend to trust businesses that have vanity numbers. Having a vanity number is a sign that you care about your business and customers. And if your target customers believe that you take your business seriously, they will also take you seriously by choosing your business over your competitors.

How to get a vanity number 

Most people usually think that getting a vanity number is a long process but that is not the case. Getting a vanity number is a simple process. You need to find trustworthy and reliable suppliers who can help you pick up the best vanity number for your business. There are many vanity phone number providers on the market. You need to do your own research and identify a provider who provides a vanity number that meets the needs of your business. 

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