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Valentines – The Gift That Keeps Giving!

We all fall in love sometimes, and we all get to experience it differently. But thanks to the capitalist world we live in, it is possible to forget what it feels like to love and be loved.

The Joy of Valentine

But in the bustle of it all, there is a day when we all try to repair the disconnect with our loved ones. Apart from Christmas, it’s the one day you can feel the magic around you. In this one day, we all try to express our true intentions, and hopefully, reignite the spark in our relationship. For some, it’s simply an opportunity to flex on an ex that couldn’t treat anyone right.

Getting It Right

We do get to express our love differently, mostly depending on our partners’ love language, and of course, your financial capabilities. There are a million ways to express your feelings, but how you play them out is what matters the most.

This article offers tips and ideas to bump your Valentines’ from mere mediocrity to magical bliss.

Tips for Choosing a Valentines Gift

Picking a gift is often a challenging and tedious task, especially after you’ve done it several times. There is the temptation to send a card and be done with it, but before you give up on gift-hunting, here is some help;

  • Pick Your Thoughts

What does my partner mean to me? How much do I treasure the relationship I have? Will my partner understand the sentiment? To get the right gift, you must have a clear understanding of your relationship and what it means to both of you. A Valentine’s gift can be many things, but first, it must be appropriate.

  • Act Your Lane

Once you’re sure of the level of intimacy you share, please act accordingly. If you only met a few days or weeks ago, lingerie might be overstepping. If you’re a few years into a relationship, you can be certain you won’t get away with a mere greeting card.

  • It’s Not About You

Just because you like something doesn’t mean your partner will or should. Couples in a long-term relationship often make this mistake, especially when it’s something they’ve never talked about. Don’t plan for long trips or buy concert tickets for your partner unless you’ve talked about it first -= or at least you are 100% sure they will love it. This will save you lots of fake ‘aaaws’ and, more importantly, money.

  • Check Something Off the Bucket List

When the going gets tough, simply look through your mutual bucket list and check one item off. Whether it’s a trip or a kink to try out, you’re sure this is something you’ll both enjoy. What’s better than killing two birds with one stone?

  • Ask for Help

If you cannot pick out a gift for your loved one, don’t be afraid to ask them for help. You can ask them directly or choose to be sneaky about it. One thing’s for sure-you’ll deliver the perfect gift.

Valentine Gift Ideas to Try this Year

  • Sip and Paint

Open a bottle of your favorite wine and tap into your creative side. Even if you lack the talent or skill, it’s a great way to spend quality time with your partner. You can try to recreate images from things you’ve done or places you’ve been, and this allows you to reminisce on all the great times you’ve had together.

  • Snow Dates

If you want to reconnect with your partner or increase your intimacy, a trip to the mountains will do the trick. Nothing screams intimacy more than a cozy night, a drink, and the love of your life on the snowy peaks. So, who said magic isn’t real?

  • Make a Scrapbook

If both of you prefer to stay inside, you can still create a memorable day. Make a special scrapbook with pictures of the both of you, and try to remember the events in every one of them. Such intimate activities allow you to reflect on your life together while creating more wonderful memories. In fact, you’ll have something to show your children someday.

  • Play Adult Games

Adult games are a great way of rekindling your relationship’s sexual and friendship aspects. Mad Libs After Dark is a fabulous option for couples looking for a romantic and hilarious night. However, if you’re looking for something more intense and sexually provoking, Talk, Flirt, Dare is your best option.

  • Get Very Kinky

There’s nothing wrong with a quiet, romantic night, but there is nothing with getting freaky to the last level. Try out your fantasies and try new things. However, ensure you’ve talked about it beforehand so nobody can overstep and ruin the evening.

Other than new positions and role-playing, some couples might include another person or couple in their sexual escapade. Couples seeking couples can visit Taimi app and link with verified couples or individuals who want a great time.

  • Movie Marathon

If you’re looking for a way to spend more time with your partner, then pull out the blankets and create a movie playlist of your favorites. Whether it’s a franchise or a random selection of classics from the 90s, you will be sure of a cozy, intimate night with the love of your life. I mean, is there a better time to refresh your inside jokes?

  • Game Night

For the nerds, there’s no better way of expressing love than staying indoors and getting competitive. Take out your favorite board games and trivia cards to kick-start the party. For the social needs, you can make it more interesting by inviting couple-friends.


There are plenty of things you can do for your loved one this Valentine, but as they say, it is the thought that counts. Get as sentimental as you want. You have one person to please. What is your favorite Valentine’s memory?

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