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Vaiyo Rebranding to MetaComs

Vaiyo, the communication platform of the blockchain generation, is rebranding to MetaComs. As the Metaverse has been growing by leaps and bounds, the Vaiyo platform has integrated many features such as 3D Metaverse P2P crypto transfers and made the platform NFT-compatible.

It is much more than a new generation communication platform for office, school, or any private or corporate business; it is a platform with virtual world features that makes it businesslike and entertaining. Meet MetaComs – a fully functional communication platform embedded with Metaverse features and multiple digital stores for you to monetize the Metaverse.

What can you get inside the MetaComs platform?

VR meetings in your Metaverse

You can organize meetings in your Metaverse space and employ many virtual reality features in the meetings. For example:

  • Create your own Avatar in the 3D Metaverse World.
  • Deploy your own made Avatar as NFT.
  • Add your face features to your avatar (KYC software is built-in).
  • You will have AI software to give an impression of the natural movement of your lips and arms when you speak and walk.
  • Use your webcam to move your arms and the rest of your avatar.
  • And more…

Your Metaverse spaces

Create and design your Metaverse spaces according to your liking and show them to your colleagues, friends, business partners. You can also buy extra features for the spaces or create NFTs out of them. You will have many options to arrange your space. Some of them are listed below:

  • Choose a standard room for your space.
  • Buy or build a premium NFT room, house, stage etc.
  • Buy a custom NFT room; for example, let your own living room be digitalized.
  • Make a custom room and deploy it as NFT.
  • Add your NFT art or digitalized goods to your room and show them to friends and customers.

B2B Services

MetaComs welcomes not only interaction between businesses and consumers but also between businesses. Therefore, the platform has enabled b2b communication, services, exchange of products and more. The offered features for these services will include:

  • Company account: custom Interface and all users are premium users
  • Enterprise account: own branded white-label managed server
  • Buy custom own brand schools, offices, entertainment halls, etc.

The Platform Runs On Blockchain

Businesses, institutions, central and commercial banks and various entertainment ventures want to put their activities on the blockchain for more efficiency, transparency, anonymity, and security, to name just a few. Below are some of the things that are enabled on MetaComs platforms through blockchain:

  • VAIYO token (BEP20)
  • Non-Fundable Token VAIYO (BEP721)
  • NFT of your avatar, room, house, stage and more items
  • Decentralized communication
  • Connection with 100% safe blockchain security

Web3 In Practice

The world has outlived the web1 and web2 stages of the internet, and it is time to enter a new era. It is time to move the World Wide Web to blockchain and give consumers the experience they deserve, one of decentralization and token-based economics. MetaComs platform has done just that, and you can experience it for yourself through their:

  • Digital wallet web3 login (live)
  • Built-in personal information verification software
  • Your digital wallet on the MetaComs platform
  • Browser Web3 plugin
  • Possibility to transfer cryptocurrency to other people in a live environment (live)


The VR engine is like the BSC blockchain for third party products. The most important change we deliver during the transition is the Stores inside the Metaverse. These stores will be available for purchasing products and selling them.

  • Avatar Store
  • Spaces Store
  • NFT Art Store
  • Goods Store
  • Gigs Store

Create, buy and sell features for Avatars and Spaces. NFT Art can also be kept solely as an investment. Sell your goods or services in the real world and let the administration take care of the NFTs in the Metaverse.


Rebranding of Vaiyo to MetaComs will outline the platform’s Metaverse features that will single it out from similar communication platforms that still lag behind as they miss the concept of being an all-in-one platform. Furthermore, MetaComs is moving with the spirit of the time, allowing the users to get a taste of what Metaverse offers.

The stores will also single out MetaComs as you will be able to create, purchase, and sell a wide range of products in the Metaverse. Looking forward to meeting you in the Metaverse at MetaComs.

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