Uwerx (WERX) Presale Gains Momentum While SEC Sanctions Tighten Activities For Beaxy Token (BXY) And Ducat (DUCAT)

Uwerx (WERX)

In the fast-paced crypto-verse, the market is constantly evolving. While new projects emerge with a sense of excitement, older-generation tokens like Beaxy Token (BXY) and Ducat (DUCAT) face intense scrutiny from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

At the same time, Uwerx (WERX) is defying the odds and achieving remarkable triumphs in its presale amidst this dynamic landscape.

The SEC’s heightened supervision of Beaxy Token and Ducat signifies a pivotal moment for these projects and the crypto community.

Uwerx (WERX): The Phenomenal Presale Surge

Uwerx (WERX) has set the crypto community abuzz with its groundbreaking approach to decentralized freelancing. Uwerx aims to create a platform where freelancers can seamlessly trade, purchase, and sell their services through blockchain technology. Its visionary concept has captivated numerous investors, resulting in a surge of interest and excitement during its presale.

According to a Velocity Global report, over 70% of independent contractors chose freelancing as a career alternative.

To enrich the user experience, Uwerx has added eight new pages to its Alpha version, including the Initial Step of Finding Talent, Freelancer or Client Initiation, My Activity, Hiring Dashboard, Job Creation Process, Login/Sign in, and Forgot Password pages. Together with the landing and Signup pages, the Alpha version boasts a total of ten pages. 

Users can test the platform and engage its functionalities through the upcoming Beta version. A dedicated feedback email,, has been created for users to leave comments and reviews of their experiences on the platform. 

In addition, the Vault feature empowers users to actively engage in community activities while earning enticing incentives. The Uwerx Vault is somewhat similar to staking, meaning users can leverage it to support the network.

A remarkable 98.2% of the Uwerx community has supported a test airdrop to validate receiving wallet addresses on a specified date. Further strengthening the project’s trustworthiness, an overwhelming 82.8% community vote led to the successful locking of the team’s liquidity tokens on June 7th, 2023. This 9-month lock ensures the platform remains secure, safeguarding against potential rug pulls and fostering investor confidence in Uwerx.

With the presale making over 427.5 million tokens available out of a total supply of 750 million, Uwerx is committed to becoming a community-driven project. The team’s decision to retain only 7% of the project and renounce smart contract rights upon listing on centralized exchanges exemplifies their dedication to a decentralized ecosystem. SolidProof and InterFi Network’s audit approvals fortify the project’s security and transparency measures.

At 18:00 UTC today, the tokens will experience a price increase from $0.05245 to $0.0564, accompanied by a generous 15% bonus. Analysts project a strong performance from Uwerx in the coming months, forecasting prices to reach $1.315 by Q4 and an impressive $2.251 by Q2 2024.

Beaxy Token (BXY) vs. The SEC

The SEC’s heightened emphasis on enforcing compliance within the crypto industry has resulted in more stringent measures and restrictions affecting activities associated with Beaxy Token (BXY). Beaxy Token (BXY) is the native currency of the Beaxy Exchange and drives major activities within the exchange.

However, the SEC has flagged the non-compliance with security regulations by Beaxy Token (BXY), explicitly concerning its initial coin offering (ICO) and classification as a security. It alleges Beaxy Token (BXY) made over eight million dollars in an unregistered ICO. 

The implications of these concerns raised by the SEC are far-reaching, as they can impact the trading dynamics and overall ecosystem surrounding Beaxy Token.

Beaxy Token could be charged with disgorgement, steep fines, and forfeiture of some of its liberties if found guilty.

Will Ducat (DUCAT) Beat The SEC Case?

Ducat (DUCAT) is another token facing SEC scrutiny. According to the SEC, Ducat attempted to register as a digital token but submitted false registration forms, omitting crucial details about its financial activities. Furthermore, the SEC claims that Ducat (DUCAT) failed to disclose the possibility of illegal token distribution during its sales processes.

Ducat’s (DUCAT) failure to adhere to legal registration procedures severely impacted the project. Ducat (DUCAT) has violated regulatory guidelines and potentially misled investors by misrepresenting information and omitting vital financial statements. 

The SEC’s classification of Ducat (DUCAT) as a security underscores the severity of the project’s non-compliance and may result in legal consequences for the token and its associated activities.

The SEC’s intervention has forced Ducat (DUCAT) to confront the complexities of the regulatory landscape. Compliance with securities regulations is paramount for projects operating within the United States and seeking broader market access. 

While Beaxy Token (BXY) and Ducat (DUCAT) grapple with the tightening grip of regulatory sanctions, Uwerx’s presale shines as a beacon of innovation and resilience. 

As the industry continues to evolve, it remains essential for projects to meet regulatory standards. This will enable them to build trust among their investors and communities. You can join the Uwerx presale and expand your portfolio by following the links below.





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