Uwerx (WERX) Is Smashing Through Its Presale, But Price Predictions Reveal Monero (XMR) And Dai (DAI) Might Fluctuate

Uwerx (WERX)

Uwerx is a new crypto causing a market stir with its meteoric rise. It is a game changer for the freelancing industry and has quickly made a name for itself, and its ongoing presale is a testament. 

Uwerx has unique and disruptive features, giving it an unfair advantage over tokens like Monero (XMR) and Dai (DAI). Analysts have predicted these two cryptos will fluctuate while Uwerx continues to soar. 

This article will discuss Uwerx’s profitability, presale, and why you should become an early investor or token holder now. 

Monero (XMR) Is Facilitating Transaction Anonymity

Monero (XMR) is a private and security-conscious platform. It enables users to carry out untraceable and anonymous transactions. Monero (XMR) is heavy on privacy and fungibility and has remained the gold standard in private digital payments. In August 2022, Monero successfully upgraded its network to improve its privacy mode and efficiency. 

Monero (XMR) has partnered with other privacy-focused platforms to improve its services. Nym, a platform building the next generation of privacy infrastructure, recently announced the integration of Nym’s mixnet with Monero’s (XMR) network. This will give users an added privacy layer and ensure complete protection from all forms of financial surveillance. 

Although Monero (XMR) provides top-notch privacy, some have despised it. The untraceability and anonymity Monero (XMR) offers have made it a platform for dark web users, promoting cybercrime. Countries like Dubai have banned Monero (XMR) from being regarded as a digital asset.

All these have contributed to Monero’s (XMR) slow-paced growth, and price predictions reveal it might stall. 

Dai (DAI): A Decentralized Crypto For Stablecoins

Dai (DAI) is a decentralized crypto aiming to maintain a stable ratio of 1:1 with US Dollars (USD). Dai (DAI) is also providing financial freedom to everyone without discrimination. The Dai (DAI) platform is being updated to offer more services and value to users. 

As part of the upgrade, its founder, MakerDAO, recently announced it would bring in a new stablecoin and governance token. It might also integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into Maker’s governance system to boost its platform. 

On the other hand, Singapore-based crypto exchange,, has announced its support for Dai (DAI), allowing fiat-to-crypto purchases. 

Price predictions for Dai (DAI) have not been so great following its recent fall from the $1 peg. Analysts predict the token might eventually stall.

Uwerx (WERX): The Rise Of A Cutting-Edge Freelancing Platform

Uwerx is an emerging crypto project focused on revolutionizing the freelance industry. Price predictions show the WERX token has the potential to reach a valuation of $2.5 by Q1 of 2024, which can be attributed to its presale surge. 

Uwerx’s continued success stems from the agile methodology approach adopted by its developers, and they leveraged this to roll out the project in batches while making necessary improvements. Uwerx already brags over 5,000 sign-ups, and you might wonder what makes it unique. 

Uwerx will be the first freelancing platform to harness blockchain technology. This will bring decentralization, protection of intellectual property rights, and extremely low service fees (1% vs. 10% or 20% by Upwork and Fiverr, respectively).

It launched the Alpha version of on May 19th , providing users with an intuitive interface to access Uwerx’s features. The Landing page and the Sign-Up pages were released yesterday, while the other platform features like the Beta version, Log-In page, Sign-up page, User Dashboard, Settings, Posting Jobs, and Finding Jobs will be unveiled weekly or bi-weekly. 

Moreover, Uwerx will start transitioning to its Beta version, enabling users to test the platform themselves. The Uwerx team is user-focused and welcomes all feedback from users, which they can send to its email, 

Uwerx also launched Uwerx Vault, an innovative feature that strengthens its sustainability and promotes user engagement and rewards. It will reward token holders by providing safe storage space to store their WERX tokens anytime while earning profits. 

The demand for Uwerx has resulted in a revision of the WERX allocations. The number of WERX for presale increased to 427.5 million (57%) and stage 4 to 77.5 million. As it moves to stage 5, 72.5 million WERX will be released. The total WERX supply is capped at 750 million. 

The rising confidence in WERX value also led to its launch price revision, and it will now launch at  $0.095 – $0.115. The WERX token has remained bullish, at $0.041, having started at $0.005. However, a price increase is imminent as the Uwerx team recently announced the WERX price will increase to $0.0315 on May 23 by 15:00 UTC. 

The Uwerx team prioritizes users’ benefits. They reduced their token allocation to 7% and will renounce the smart contract ownership once Uwerx lists on centralized exchanges. Furthermore, they will start a 25-year liquidity lock on their tokens and announce the date and time next week. Their initial plan was to do this after the presale ended, but 82.8% of the community voted for them to start immediately. 

Furthermore, the team will conduct a Test Airdrop after 98.2% of token holders support the idea. This will ensure users’ receiving wallet addresses are correct. InterFi Network and Solidproof have audited Uwerx to ensure maximum security. 

Uwerx brings the change freelancing needs, and the presale is the perfect opportunity to become part of the change. The presale is gradually ending as it will end on July 31. Hence, join now and earn a 15% bonus as further bonus reductions are underway.

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