Uwerx (WERX) Investors Remain Unfazed Amid Skepticism Over Rise Of Blur (BLUR) And Alchemy Pay (ACH) 

Uwerx (WERX) Investors

As the market attempts to do a reversal in 2023, crypto investors who explore lesser-known protocols have the opportunity to secure remarkable returns. Uwerx is a crypto gem that has garnered attention from analysts due to its solid use case and niche in a high-growth industry. 

Amidst the recent rise of Blur (BLUR), and Alchemy Pay (ACH), two other coins with high potential, Uwerx investors are unfazed as the WERX has released its Alpha version while its presale price shot up to $0.0315. What other exciting features does Uwerx have?

Uwerx (WERX) Plans To Dominate The Untapped Freelance Industry

Freelancing is booming globally, with 57.3 million freelancers in the US alone. By 2027 this number is predicted to hit 86.5 million. By attracting even half of this number, Uwerx will become a brand name for profitable freelancing. 

It intends to achieve this feat by offering enticing and competitive features like decentralization, a 1% flat platform fee, increased incentives for joining and participating, integration with productive tools, improved security, etc. 

Uwerx got audit approval from InterFi Network and SolidProof before the presale. Now that its Alpha version is out with a Landing page and Signup page, other features like a Login/Sign In page, User Dashboard, Settings, Posting Jobs, Finding Jobs, and more, will be added weekly/bi-weekly. 

Meanwhile, this current version will soon transition to the Beta version, which users can interact with. In addition, users can send their reviews and recommendations to the Uwerx dedicated feedback email at 

Uwerx presale is in its 5th stage and fast selling out.  It already has 5,546 signups, 1,627 Twitter followers, and 1,500 followers on Telegram.  It is about to perform a test airdrop for all token holders to verify they entered their receiving wallet addresses properly. This decision was approved by 98.2% of the Uwerx community. 

Interestingly, the team behind Uwerx plans to forfeit all smart contract ownership before listing on centralized exchanges. This move will prevent any chance of rug pulls and crypto scams. In addition, it reduced the team’s token allocation from 8% to 7%. It will also lock developers’ liquidity for 25 years during the presale, as decided by 82.8% of the Uwerx community.

Furthermore, in a bid to raise substantial value for their users, the Uwerx development team has increased the presale token supply to 427.5 million (57%) and updated the price range for the launch from $0.09-$0.11 to $0.095-0.115. This reflects its belief in its potential to become a blue-chip crypto. 

The Uwerx presale is a great opportunity for investors looking to improve their financial status this year, as experts believe that the token will likely rise in value to reach $2.5 by the last quarter of 2023. In addition, Uwerx offers its innovative Vault, where users can store their tokens to earn passive income from saving interest, similar to the popular concept of staking. 

Can Blur (BLUR) Maintain Its Current Surge In The Long-term?

The BLUR token fuels the Blur NFT marketplace. It aggregates real-time NFT prices and offers advanced services such as portfolio management and multi-marketplace NFT comparisons. It attracts NFT traders with its claim of having faster NFT sweeps and a more customized interface than other comparable platforms. 

In addition, Blur (BLUR) is known for its massive incentives, having performed an airdrop of 360 million BLUR tokens worth around $355M back in 2022. 

The BLUR token is doing pretty well on the charts considering the current downward turn in the NFT market. Over the last week, it rose by 4.65%. This rise may be attributed to the recent obsession with Ordinals inscriptions. 

Prior to this event, the NFT market seemed to be infested with Wash trades, according to a report by The Block. NFT Wash trading creates an illusion of demand and value, distorting the market, making real investors vulnerable to losses, and even leading to regulatory crackdowns.

The current price for the BLUR token is $ 0.50. However, experts are skeptical the hype of Ordinals inscriptions will be enough to push the token to reach a maximum of $0.69 by Q4 2023. 

Alchemy Pay (ACH) Attains New Heights Due To Recent Collaborations. Can It Sustain This New Price?

Alchemy Pay (ACH) is a network designed to enable people to spend their crypto on real-world goods and services. It aims to propagate the use of crypto as a payment method. 

The native token of the Alchemy Pay system is the ACH token. It bridges crypto and fiat to allow customers to choose either option for payment. It also enhances instant international transfers to benefit retail inventors. The ACH token is now selling at $91.12, with a rise of 1.06% within the past week. 

Alchemy Pay (ACH) has had several collaborations with different Web3 networks, including IoTeX, Ontology, and the crypto trading platform, CoinW. While these developments may be behind the new price value of its ACH token, some experts are skeptical of its long-term potential amidst the heightened regulation of cryptocurrencies. 

Investors are currently seeing profits with Blur (BLUR) and Alchemy Pay (ACH). But how long will it last? Such doubts are not featured in Uwerx, given its utility and ambitious roadmap. Also, its presale has been an overall success owing to the agile methodology approach used by the development team. This has helped them release the project in stages while making significant improvements over time. 

Get into the Uwerx presale to make the most of its current price of $0.041 and a 15% purchase bonus before it decreases with the next price increase. You also stand a chance to enjoy a referral bonus soon. 

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