Uwerx To Compete With COTI & Mirror Protocol For Profits

Uwerx To Compete With COTI & Mirror Protocol

Most altcoins are still caught up in the web of regulatory sanctions resulting in a massive plummet in market value. These include Mirror Protocol (MIR) and COTI (COTI).

Amidst this regulatory turbulence, Uwerx has emerged as a high-potential project that is gaining traction and poised to offer significant returns to investors. Can Uwerx live up to the expectations set by industry analysts? Let’s delve into the details.


Uwerx (WERX) Could Offer Solace To Investors And Freelancers

The success of the Uwerx presale indicates that investors believe in its potential to yield massive returns in the near future. Experts also tip the WERX token to rise to $2.7 by year-end. This is a significant profit margin as its presale price is still $0.041.

As the project continues with its 5th presale stage, the team is ready to welcome more investors. It increased the presale token allocation to 57% (427,500,000 tokens) of the 750 million token supply and reduced the team’s token allocation from 8% to 7% to maximize user benefits.

It also built a Vault system where users can store their assets to earn interest based on platform variables. This feature will encourage more user engagement on the platform. In addition, the team plans to run a test airdrop to ensure all token holders have their correct receiving wallet addresses, as supported by a 98.2% community vote.

Uwerx has experienced a fast growth rate during its presale. It already boasts 6,953 signups, 1,639 Twitter followers, and 1,803 members on Telegram. This growth is thanks to the agile methodology approach adopted by the developers.

This strategy has helped them release the project in stages while making significant improvements over time. It has also increased their confidence in the project’s performance once launched. So, the Uwerx team increased the WERX launch price from $0.09 – $0.11 to $0.095 – $0.115.

The project strategically implemented a 9-month lock for its developers’ liquidity on Wednesday, June 7th, to ensure long-term stability and security. This move was supported by 82.8% of its community. It also received audit approval from SolidProof and InterFi Network long before the presale began. In addition, its team has promised to forfeit all smart contract ownerships after listing the project on centralized exchanges to ensure true decentralization.

Finally, the recent release of Uwerx’s Alpha version testifies to its team’s commitment. This version already has a Landing page, Signup page, Login/Sign In page, Forgot Password, and a Freelancer or Client Initiation Page. Other features include the Initial Step of Job Creation and Initial Step of Finding Talent, My Activity, Hiring Dashboard, and Job Creation Process pages.

The development team has updated the Alpha Version of their platform. They have introduced a range of notable enhancements, including fresh add-ons and redesigns, to match the project’s distinguished growth. These updates include the following features: Settings, Freelancer profile creation, Milestones, Application boosting through WERX, and a revamp of the job application page. Other new features to be unveiled soon are the Freelancer Dashboard, Client Dashboard, and Tools.

They also plan to address the somewhat complex and arduous process of posting and applying for jobs on existing mainstream freelancing platforms. This focus has led them to streamline the entire process into a single “Post Job and Apply” frame, thereby making it easier and quicker for freelancers to submit their applications.

Meanwhile, the Beta version will soon be available for users to interact with. They can send their reviews and recommendations through the dedicated feedback email,

COTI (COTI) Battles Regulatory Scrutiny

The SEC explicitly referred to COTI (COTI) and 11 other tokens as securities in its lawsuit against Binance on June 5th. COTI (COTI) is a decentralized payments network optimized for merchants, enterprises, governments, stablecoin issuers, and payment dApps.

Since the Binance case broke the news, COTI (COTI) fell alongside the broader crypto market. Its weekly chart shows a loss of 2.88% within the past week. The COTI token now trades at $0.044. However, few token holders hope the token could reach over $0.05 before the year ends. Earlier in the year, COTI jumped to 87.6% within a month with the release of its DJED stablecoin on Cardano (ADA).

The recent actions taken by regulators emphasize the importance of a well-defined and transparent regulatory framework for cryptocurrency projects. Such a framework is essential to establish trust and confidence among investors.

Mirror Protocol (MIR) Struggles As Terraform Labs Continues To Battle Regulators

Back in February, Mirror Protocol (MIR) was listed alongside 15 other Terra-based cryptocurrencies when the US SEC charged Terraform Labs and CEO Do Kwon with fraud. As a result, Mirror Protocol (MIR) and 13 Mirrored Assets (mAssets) are now classified as securities.

Mirrored Assets (mAssets) are derivatives of real-world assets that reflect their price movements on-chain. They are featured on Mirror Protocol (MIR), a decentralized synthetic asset protocol on Terra (LUNA).

Before regulatory sanctions hit Mirror Protocol (MIR), the protocol brought in at least 2,000 new accounts daily for the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem. However, the protocol fell drastically afterward.

The MIR token currently trades at $0.026 and has decreased by 1.44% in the past day. This price movement signifies a slightly bearish sentiment from investors. However, experts are yet to determine when the MIR token might pick up.

Meanwhile, Uwerx intends to capitalize on the 78 million freelancers projected by Velocity Global to provide investment returns to investors in 2023. However, early investors are the ones to enjoy more.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the presale by following the links below. You’ll also enjoy a 15% purchase bonus.





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