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Utilizing Technology On Business Systems: Interview with Benito Keh, Founder of Ferrotech Steel Corporation

Jeff Lerner

Business technology has evolved to help us in every way possible. It helps keep our business operations running smoothly and can often be an integral part of the process. It ensures that entrepreneurs like Benito Keh are using the proper tools for communication, tracking, and productivity – even if you have a smaller business. 

Benito Keh is one of the business people believing in the power of technology in business. As a matter of fact, it’s important to understand modern-day technology which drives and sustains your business success; especially with how handy tech tools are, they can be used each and every day for convenience.

There are many types of businesses today that use different technologies, such as call centers and online retailers – but one thing that is constant amongst all businesses is their need for modern-day convenience in their daily lives when it comes time to communicating with people or handling financial matters.

If you manage a business that uses new technologies in order to take it to the next level, then you are on the right track and will soon bring your company one step closer to maintaining long-term growth. 

On the other hand, if you haven’t yet made use of modern technologies for your business or lack the necessary skills when it comes to using them effectively, it is possible that you fear being left behind. This is a result of not keeping up with how technology evolves in our society and ultimately harming your top-line revenue a result. 

However, by not making use of advanced technologies for your business, you are simply depriving yourself of many different opportunities to grow and succeed in ways that advanced tools could help provide easily.

We discuss more utilizing technology in business with Benito Keh. Here are some of the points he shared from his decades of experience.

On A Mobile-Centered Environment

“Smart devices allow you to manage every aspect of your business remotely. Everything from your sales enablement, content marketing, and customer relations through back-end processes like shipping and invoicing are all at the click of a button. Consumers are also becoming increasingly reliant on mobile devices with the rise of Generation Y (Millennials). 

After all, it’s never been easier for retailers to get in touch with their customers in new ways based on their needs – including, but not limited to: enabling purchases by approving transactions and keeping track of inventory levels and order statuses 24/7. This is all possible thanks to mobile technology that has helped reshape the way both merchants and consumers experience retail.”

On Productivity and Functionality

“First, the hardware and software necessary to develop these software solutions have become increasingly easy to use and afford. Secondly, the number of tech-savvy and entrepreneurial minds who can exploit such crumbling barriers has multiplied exponentially. 

A back-end inventory system that once took a multi-million-dollar company a year to create in the not-too-distant past takes a couple of weeks for a few recent college graduates to put together. These solutions are offered at affordable rates and are often simple enough to use that businesses don’t need to hire dedicated employees or sign long-term service contracts to make use of them.”

On Collaboration in The Workplace

“The inability to congregate in the break room, take a quick stroll down the hall to a co-worker’s office, or even convene together in one central location in front of a whiteboard has drastically increased the need for collaboration tools and platforms. 

There are tons of tools that companies have turned to – software and apps that simplify how we can work together for team discussions, file sharing, project collaboration, tasks, and storage. The powerful ability for teams to stay aligned with each other and their goals is one of the primary responsibilities of these kinds of tools, so they are here to help provide real-time insight into projects and help us become more efficient.”

On Customer Relationship

“Creating an effective communication system is important and often facilitated by the use of different software. For example, there are customer relationship management systems that allow businesses to retain records of customers’ interactions and create contact lists or address books. 

Often, these programs also provide a variety of other useful functions such as reporting on these clients’ interactions or helpful telemarketing tips. This makes it even more advantageous to utilize them. The most popular platforms include HubSpot and Salesforce.”

Final Word of Advice

“Even if your company is quite successful one has to pay keen attention to anything that is happening in the technology sector because you never know when something new will come along that might just end up wiping you right off the map! 

All established companies have a current market share, which may be small or large, but this only indicates their standing in the current market. This does not mean that these companies have properly nurtured themselves for tomorrow’s technology by implementing ways of incorporating new trends into their business with an eye on creating enduring systems. 

To last as a company in today’s economy you’ve got to understand how technology impacts your business and how you can apply this change to your advantage instead of allowing it to do damage to your current level of success.”

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