Utilities of a Password Manager

Almost everyone on this earth is connected to the internet. Without the internet, life seems impossible. It has made us dependant and we cannot proceed without it. People use the internet for multipurpose and make various accounts too. Having similar passwords for various accounts can be troublesome and may lead to many afflictions. 

The same password thing can put you in a whole danger by letting the hacker take all your data on all accounts which would have drastic effects. 

So, you should make unique passwords for all your account and these unique passwords cannot be stored within human brain that has to do a lot. 

For such purposes, certain services including password managers have been built to manage your passwords accurately. To prevent such risks password managers, save your passwords including your usernames, credit card numbers, credentials, security pins, etc. They assist in generating and retrieving complex passwords that are stored in encrypted databases. 

Password managers may include locally installed applications, online services that are accessed through website portals and locally accessed hardware devices that serve as keys. Password managers may have paid versions and many have free versions too. 

Paid versions have more services and some password managers offer a free trial. They provide many services that are not present in free versions such as Two-Factor Authentication that adds more in personal security of the account. Paid versions are more preferable than free versions since they give you full security and privacy.

Why chose Password Manager?

There are many reasons to choose a password manager.

  • Generate Strong Passwords:

Password managers not only save passwords but cover your maximum work by generating the strongest forms of passwords. These passwords are combinations of lower case, upper case, numbers that make them stronger and inaccessible for the hackers.

  • Master Password:

All you need is a master password for all password managers. A master password that is generally a stronger one is needed to access the encrypted data on your security faults. It is important to learn this master password to prevent further complications. However, in many cases, there is an option for sharing your password with the members you chose yourself in emergencies.

  • Multi-device option:

Many password managers have a multi-device option where you can have access to your passwords on different devices. There is no hard and fast rule to stick to one device only rather you can use as many as you want to. Whereas the One-Time Password (OTP) technique is also used for extra security purposes. They make password managers more reliable.

  • Instant Security Alerts:

Whenever multiple devices are used the password managers immediately send security alerts to the person. They let him know when and how their passwords have been accessed. 

  • Auto-fill feature:

Password managers have an auto-fill feature that automatically fills all the sensitive information once you store them. Whenever you open up your accounts it would fill up the required information immediately.

  • Compatibility:

Password managers have great compatibility with many platforms and browsers such as Mozilla, Safari, and Chrome.

  • Security:

Many managers have a Two-Factor Authentication that adds extra security to accounts and devices. This feature uses a combination of your password and smartphone device usually text message or biometrics.

How does Password Manager work?

A password manager is easy to use. It only records the username and password you use when you first sign in any of your accounts. Then the next time you visit that website the login information would be retrieved by a password manager. Even if you are stuck in picking a good password then the password manager solves this problem too. You can easily access all your passwords within seconds wherever you want. Many password managers even provide storage files where you can save your notes electronically.

Best Subscription Password Managers 

  • 1Password:

1Password works with Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, Android, iPhone, iPad, and many other browser extensions too. This nicely designed manager provides a free trial for 30 days. It has a travel mode too that lets you remove your 1Password sensitive data from your device when you travel and restore with an easy click when you return.

  • Bitwarden:

Bitwarden is a lean, open-source encryption software manager that automatically stores your passwords across all devices and browsers. It has a paid version too with a base price of $12 per year. Though free trials are available for you to choose.

  • Keeper:

Keeper is another password manager that manages all the login information on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. The free version gives unlimited passwords access on a single device only. Whereas, the paid version gives you unlimited password storage on many devices.


So, it is up to you to find solutions that would ease your tasks and the password manager is the best solution. It prevents all the hassle to learn various passwords making regulation of accounts easier. However, forgetting your master password may cause a problem but many managers have brilliant customer services that reply to you immediately. So there is a solution to every problem. Using password managers is better than wasting your time on learning them .one must go for them!

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