Utemis ICO is Still on, ICO 1st Period ends on April 1st, 2018 18:00 PM CET

The most important thing when it comes to business transactions of any sort is trust. And with e-Commerce, trust is usually a hard thing to come by, seeing that you probably don’t know the person you dealing with from “Adam”. But now, Utemis is providing a solution to e-Commerce in Latin America. How? Using the decentralized nature of blockchain.

The Utemis Blockchain

Utemis is using the blockchain to transform e-commerce in the whole Latin American continent and bring them together to form a common ecosystem. On this network, e-commerce businesses in Latin America can conduct their businesses within a single space and discover new suppliers and clients and assess them based on their reputation which is set by the network. Through this platform, these businesses also get to save up to 99% of what it currently costs to carry out financial payments and transactions instantly, mainly because there is no need for central authorities, hence no waste of time.

The Utemis platform is bringing to Latin America, what the Chinese e-commerce giants are enjoying, such as 100% protection with an escrow account, and a 100% payback if anything goes wrong. This helps build up trust and reputation which will help fuel growth in business.

With the Ethereum Blockchain, the reputation of businesses are decentralized, and honest businesses get the opportunity to bloom while those that are dubious get kicked out of the network. What this means is that they get to build reputation themselves.

Utemis Token ICO Update

The Utemis platform uses the Ethereum blockchain, hence has an ERC-20 token known as UTS (Utemis token). A crowdsale was conducted to raise funds that will be used for the advancement and development of the platform.

The UTS token will be issued for sale on the Ethereum Blockchain in three phases. The first phase is the Pre-ICO period which started on February 15, 2018, and lasted till March 1. During this first phase, a bonus of up to 100% was given to early participants.

The second phase is the ICO first period which started on March 1 and will go on till April 1, during which a bonus of up to 60% will be given to early adaptors. The final phase is the ICO second period that will start on April 1 and last till April 30, during which a bonus of up to 20% will be given.

During the entire ICO period, a total of 200 billion UTS tokens will be supplied, with a soft cap of 5,000 ETH, and 1,500,000 UTS amounting to 1 ETH. Tokens not sold during this period will be burned by including them in the UTEMIS limited Liability Company.

The entire concept behind the development of the Utemis platform is to eliminate inflation, dysfunctional economic policies, devaluations, and restrictions on access to capital by e-commerce businesses within Latin America.

Using an ERC-20 utility token known as UTS, the platform is decentralizing the reputation of companies and businesses in Latin America. And by this, builds trust between businesses which will lead to their growth.

Find out more on Utemis website :

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