Utemis ICO is Live – This Cryptocurrency Could Create More Millionaires within 1 to 2 Years

Understanding the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market is very important before you can invest in any Tokens. Know that you could lose all your money just as you can make over 1000% profit just as in Bitcoin. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. If you have the money to invest and the patience to wait, with $1000 investment in the Utemis ICO, which will give you over 1,500,000 UTS Tokens, Utemis token could make you a millionaire within 1 to 2 years if 1 UTS = $1 USD.

Please note that this is entirely up to the Utemis business and the management. And only if the cryptocurrency market keeps growing. Our role here is to share good opportunities with you. The decision to invest is entirely yours.

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What is the Utemis Blockchain?

The Utemis blockchain is developed by UTEMIS Limited Liability Corporation and uses the cryptographic utility token called UTS in decentralizing the reputation of companies within Latin America. It is a B2B (business to business) platform with the sole aim of building trust by decentralizing and emphasizing on the status of vendors, guaranteeing transactions, and enhancing the efficiency of trades all within the network.

The platform uses the UTS token in protecting merchants within Latin America from the uncertainty and quirks that come with having a central authority, and other governmental influences when carrying out transactions.

The platform makes use of the latest technology in ensuring that everyone gets a fresh start. Members of the network get a shot at doing everything right by starting with a clean slate, no matter what they have done wrong in the past, or wherever they are coming from. Users now finally have a way to conduct their business without the fear of corruption, frauds, insane costs, and government restrictions when buying and selling goods and products with Latin America.

Benefits of the Utemis Platform

Some of the benefits attached to the Utemis Platform include the following:

  • Competition

With the Utemis platform, businesses within the Latin America region have an equal chance at growing just like those in China. This is one of the influences that come with joining the decentralized space.

  • Having a Decentralized Status

Using smart contracts in the Ethereum Blockchain to decentralize the reputation of businesses automatically processes user’s behavior on every successful transaction, which hastens the buying and selling of goods for both small and medium-sized businesses within Latin America.

  • Access to an Escrow Account

The Utemis escrow account operates the same way as a Chinese e-Commerce giant uses an escrow account in protecting a buyer. As a user on the platform, your money is always safeguarded and in the case of any mishap, you get your money back.

  • Faster Transaction Time

The traditional means of banking in Latin America is very expensive and takes time to confirm. However, with the Utemis platform, transactions are carried out instantly, with very little transaction fees.

The Utemis Token ICO

The Utemis Pre-ICO Period started on February 15, 2018, and lasted till March 1. During this period, bonuses up to 50% were given to participants.

The first period of the ICO started on March 1 and will last until April 1. Within this duration, bonuses of up to 30% will be given to participants. The second ICO period will then start on the April 1and last till April 30, where up to 10% bonus will be given to participants.

The UTS token is valued at 1 ETH = 1,500,000 UTS. During the entire sale period, there will be a total supply of 200 billion UTS, with a soft cap of 5,000 ETH.


Using the UTS Token, the Utemis stands to become the first ever e-commerce that uses the blockchain technology in decentralizing the reputation of businesses. This puts Latin America on the map and unifies them in a common ecosystem.

Visit the Website here

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