Utemis Coin Value Could Be worth $10 USD by 2019.

Latin America is a collection of countries in North and South America that were once colonies, or were controlled by the Spanish, French and Portuguese. These countries have a lot in similar when it comes to culture. Not only that, the countries are cordial in relations and have good trade relations. This can be compared to the European Union, although not exactly a collection of independent nations working as one. Yet, the emerging economies and trade relations is making Latin America a commerce hub in the future.


Dr. Juan Pablo Vazquez Sampere developed the idea behind UTEMIS. A PhD and an active commerce professional, a university professor and a serial investor. He envisioned a commerce platform for the emerging economies in Latin America.

Normally, negotiations with investors would have to be done, but Dr. Juan decided to adopt blockchain and raise the money through crowd sale. This let the money flow inwards and gave the team more time to concentrate on building the platform. The result was formation of the UTEMIS portal.  It is the first decentralized e-commerce platform that is attempting to unite the Latin America B2B market on a single stage.


The adoption of UTEMIS by Latin America has many advantages. Banking and communication methods are slow in this area of the world. The economies are not that stable. Bureaucracy and red tape is more difficult to handle. There is a significant issue of corrupt officials in the police, trading and customs agencies.

Utemis helps to combat and counter all of these issues by making trading fair and transparent. Another advantage of using Utemis is that it also acts as an escrow service. One of the major issues faced in the Latin America market is that there is a great variation in quality and standard of goods and products. By being escrow, UTEMIS ensures buyers of money back guarantee.

The UTEMIS coin enables the whole of Latin America to be treated like a single country when it comes to trading. This can be equated as how Euro changed the European market.


The Utemis coin is a very desirable cryptocurrency for the Latin American market. The above stated advantages of the platform and the coin are something no one can ignore. With the pre ICO sale and another fire sale successfully done, the main ICO event starting on February 15, will attract even more people. A platform that resolves issues and having no competitor means that the demand will rise exponentially. A limited number of coins also means that there will be no inflation of the currency. In fact, the overwhelming response indicates that the value will rise quickly when the platform starts. No doubt, it could even cross the $10 mark by the end of this year, just as the founders stated in their 2019 roadmap goals; with “First 5,000 companies trading in the UTEMIS platform, Valuation of the UTEMIS cryptocurrency US $10 = 1 UTEMIS”.

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