USMining Group Officially Announced that It Has Obtained the US MSB License

The US MSB (Money Services Business) license is a financial license provided by FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau of the US Treasury Department. FinCEN publishes MSB, which stands for Money Services Business. MSB is the starting point for blockchain payment firms. The accomplishment of USMining Group in acquiring a US MSB license is important positive news for investors.

Since its inception, USMining Group has attracted the attention of the blockchain industry. USMining Group thinks that blockchain technology requires practical applications as well as public involvement. It is vital to decrease the barrier to blockchain investment. USMining Group was able to acquire the public’s trust in a short amount of time, and the US MSB license became the key to market development.

The USMining Group team claims that “Previously, we primarily provided system development and maintenance assistance to enterprises and huge financial institutions. Because of the emergence of blockchain in recent years, the firm has opted to pursue a broader end-user market. Ideally, it would be feasible to make money, develop communities, amass traffic, form consensus, and eventually build a blockchain ecosystem using USMining Group’s technology.”

About USMining Group

USMiningGroup, created in 2016, is a cloud mining equipment sharing platform located in the United States. USMiningGroup is a pioneer in the realm of ASICs, or specialized devices, and it develops Cryptomining equipment under the Bitminer name. As a result, it is considered one of the greatest Crypto cloud mining sites.

This company also works with two of the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining pools, Bitpool and USMiningGroup saves customers the trouble of obtaining and maintaining their own mining equipment. By acquiring a contract, users may mine digital currencies and earn money.

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