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Using Tech to Go from Financial Infidelity to Multi-6-Figure Net Worth


Financial infidelity, when one spouse intentionally lies about money, affects tens of thousands of people across the United States. And while financial infidelity may feel like the end of the world, it can be used as an opportunity to kick your finances in the right direction. Women are far too familiar with the gender wage gap and the glass ceiling, where they earn $0.80 for every $1 a man earns. But, are women familiar with financial infidelity and its signs? 

Luckily for Elizabeth Schwartz, creator of FemmeFunds, she wasn’t married when she experienced financial infidelity. The red flags became apparent when it was so easily understood that her financial future was no longer safe or intact with the agreed-upon terms of her relationship. This had Elizabeth wondering, why is it that so many women depend on their partners for their financial health. Elizabeth’s experience led to the creation of FemmeFunds, a female-focused tech-driven brand that empowers women with the skills and confidence to build wealth.

What is FemmeFunds? 

FemmeFunds came to life when Elizabeth realized that her female friends, although highly educated and successful, had little knowledge about the stock market. Upon further research, she found that only 33% of women invested in the stock market. Elizabeth helps women gain financial health and freedom from the financial traps that most women encounter, be it from failed relationships or the stalled progress of a career, by providing them with e-learning courses on how to invest.

The Tech Behind FemmeFunds

FemmeFunds gives women the power to learn how money can work for them, not the other way around. FemmeFunds achieves this through e-learning courses built on the teach:able platform, one-on-one programs, and webcasts. In addition, she has also hosted workshops for global corporations such as, WalkMe, and Tiktok. By taking advantage of social media and e-learning platforms, Elizabeth is able to reach and engage with tens of thousands of women on a weekly basis.

The Future of Fintech is Women

With the rise of fintech apps and platforms such as Mint, eToro, PayPal, Venmo, and SoFi, managing money online in addition to investing has never been easier. This gives women the opportunity to work on their financial health like never before. Female investors are outperforming male investors by almost 1% per a recent Fidelity study, and the rise of fintech platforms has made it easier than ever before. Elizabeth is well versed in the latest fintech platforms like these and believes they are a major key for women to secure their financial future.

Final Thoughts

FemmeFunds’ technology and the rise of fintech are giving way to a stronger, more financially-free class of women all across the United States. Elizabeth went from being mentally and physically drained by financial infidelity in a relationship to having a six-figure emergency savings account thanks to stock market investing and passive income strategies. She believes all women can too. If you are interested in getting in contact with FemmeFunds you can email or message@FemmeFunds on Instagram.

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