Using Blockchain to Revolutionize Healthcare with Galeon’s Ecosystem

Galeon, a blockchain healthcare company, is on the brink of revolutionizing the world of healthcare and medical AI.

Founded in 2016, Galeon is developing an ecosystem based on three pillars: an electronic patient record (EHR), Blockchain Swarm Learning technology to train medical AI algorithms, and ultimately, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

To solidify this project, Galeon has a tightly-knit team composed of highly qualified individuals such as engineers and healthcare professionals including doctors, cyber-pharmacists, and caregivers.

Together, they are developing technical innovations to fuel hospitals’ blockchains.

One of these innovations is Blockchain Swarm Learning (BSL) which has its own validation protocol called Proof of Hospital (POH).

Galeon’s EHR, a valuable tool for hospitals

The Galeon EHR, a valuable tool for hospitals, aims to cover all medical specialties for a specific purpose: to connect hospitals with each other.

By structuring health data, it opens up possibilities for medical research and training of medical AI algorithms, as well as the management of healthcare institutions, regions, or countries and the discovery of new treatments both nationally and internationally.

Galeon is developing a new technology to train medical AI algorithms

As mentioned earlier, Galeon has developed the technology known as Blockchain Swarm Learning (BSL).

This technology combines blockchain and machine learning, enabling secure exchange of sensitive data between healthcare stakeholders while maintaining patient privacy.

Machine learning is a branch of AI that uses algorithms to process and analyze a certain amount of data.

In the case of medical AI algorithms, the algorithm moves from hospital to hospital, training on patient data to produce strong results.

The final piece of Galeon’s ecosystem: a meaningful DAO

Galeon’s Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) is harmonized around several key directives to ensure non-profit medical research funding.

Note that $GALEON token holders have 50% of the voting rights in the DAO, with patients holding the other 50% by sharing their health data for medical research.

Each month, several projects are proposed for a vote to obtain funding from Galeon’s DAO foundation.

The $GALEON token

The $GALEON token is central to Galeon’s healthcare ecosystem and has three main uses.

Firstly, it is used to govern the Galeon DAO. 50% of the voting rights belong to patients, and the remaining 50% are held by $GALEON token holders.

Secondly, it serves as the fuel for the blockchain used between hospitals. Through the Proof-of-Hospital protocol, each hospital acts as a validator on the network. Which is a common way for blockchain-based systems to work.

Lastly, 40% of all deals with AI startups and laboratories that require medical data for research are repurchased and destroyed through a buyback & burn process in $GALEON tokens. The amount of $GALEON tokens that are bought back and burned will increase as more deals are made with startups and healthcare stakeholders.


  • In summary, Galeon is revolutionizing the world of healthcare and medical AI with its blockchain-based ecosystem.
  • The Galeon team is highly qualified and committed to providing an international medical record that will revolutionize healthcare.
  • The various technologies offered by Galeon preserve patient privacy and respect their consent.
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