Using AI Tool to Enhance Photo Quality

With the rise of social media and the accessibility of high-quality cameras on smartphones, it has become easier than ever to document our lives through pictures. However, not all photos turn out as stunning as we envision them to be. Part of it depends on the device you used to take pictures, a part depends on your imagination, and the rest lies with your editing skills. Editing is essential to most visual mediums and the complexity of it is traditionally daunting for newcomers. 

Using AI photo editors in 2023

AI photo editors are becoming more popular and powerful in 2023. These are apps that use artificial intelligence to automatically enhance, retouch, or transform your photos in various ways. AI photo editors can save you time and effort, as well as help you create stunning images with just a few clicks.

Currently, there are a lot of AI editors available online or in mobile app stores. They offer different features and tools to suit your needs and preferences. For this article, we are going to use SnapEdit as the app to help us with enhancing photo quality. It’s a fairly popular app that recently went a little viral on TikTok and I have had a blast using it over the past month. 

Some information on SnapEdit

SnapEdit.App is an AI Photo Editing tool developed by SilverAI – a company based in Vietnam. It has got very good reviews on both the iOS and the Android mobile app stores. The app itself offers a comprehensive set of features that allow you to unleash your creativity and bring out the best in your images. Whether you want to remove people and objects from images; retouch, enhance, colorize, correct, and animate photos, this app has got you covered. The precision with which its AI retouch some photos actually surprised me, especially its object removal feature. Recently, the developers introduced a new feature on the app to enhance and upscale image quality/resolution. 

How to use Snapedit’s enhance feature

  • For PC users
  • Step 1. Choose the Enhancer feature from the top menu of the SnapEdit website or you can go to this link: 
  • Step 2. Upload your picture

For computer-users, you can Upload or Drag and drop images into the “Upload Photo” 

  • Step 3: Compare & adjust the enhanced image with the original before downloading. 
  • For mobile device users (phone, tablets)
  • Step 1: Open Snapedit on your device
  • Step 2: Choose Enhance feature on the menu bar
  • Step 3: Upload picture that needs to be enhanced from your album

For phone-users, simply choose a photo from your library and upload them in the app to start editing with SnapEdit.

  • Step 4: Compare and choose the best version and Save the final result

Snapedit will give you 3 outcomes on mobile devices. Choose the best version that suits your liking.

What other features does SnapEdit offer? 

SnapEdit also offers several other features including: objects removal, background removal, restoring old photos, changing the sky background landscape all in the tools. 

Speed and Efficiency

What sets Snapedit apart from other editing tools is its speed and efficiency. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure swift processing without sacrificing quality. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it rendered the changes I made to my photos. In a matter of seconds, I could see the before and after transformations, allowing me to make further adjustments or save the final image. Snapedit’s performance truly impressed me, especially when working with low-quality portrait photos.

Cross-platform sharing

Snapedit offers seamless integration with popular photo-sharing platforms and social media networks. With a single click, you can directly upload your edited photos to your favorite platforms, ensuring that your stunning creations reach a wider audience in no time. This feature saves time and effort, making it a perfect tool for influencers, content creators, and photography enthusiasts who want to showcase their work quickly and effortlessly.

Alternatives to SnapEdit 

There are a host of other AI photo editing tools online that we can name such as: Adobe photoshop, Photoroom, VanceAI… Most of these tools will deliver decent results but the most important thing is that you choose a tool that most fits your needs. For me SnapEdit does a good job being efficient and time-saving with its OneTouch feature that utilizes AI to automatically make improvement suggestions for my photos. 


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