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Useful Apps for Managing a Remote Workforce Recommended by Naseem Salem

Keeping the employees’ satisfaction rates high is often considered to be the key to a successful business. Fortunately, the vast majority of business owners are well aware of this fact. More importantly, there are countless ways to keep workers satisfied in 2019. In the past, increasing one’s salary was the most tangible way to show appreciation and lift up an employee’s morale. Now, however, companies have an astonishingly wide range of benefits that can be incorporated into compensation plans. These include things like retirement funds, health insurance, savings accounts, non-cash compensation, and many other incentives. 

Out of all of the aforementioned alternatives to simply increasing one’s salary, there is a benefit that many workers are very grateful for. Flexibility. Having a job that allows one to have semi-set hours that can be changed as well as an ability to work from home is invaluable. Hence why a lot of employers are starting to offer people more ways to work remotely. In order to make this work, however, they must still be capable of managing their workforce efficiently. If they fail to do so, their plan can turn into a nightmare. So, what are some modern ways to manage a remote workforce? 

Using Mobile Apps

Finding something that does not have an app built for it in 2019 would be extremely difficult. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that one can find a number of solutions to their remote-workforce concerns. Some of the most popular alternatives include: 

  • Pipefy
  • GoToMeeting
  • Slack
  • Google Hangouts


When workers are operating remotely, the employer will need a tangible way to hold them accountable. Luckily, automating workflow processes would be a great way to achieve that. With Pipefy, one is going to use cloud-based services that take advantage of intuitive software. Moreover, teams from around the world enjoy this app due to its incredible transparency and simplicity. Those who may not want to use Pipefy can try out Slack as another great alternative. 


Working from home is the ultimate level of flexibility as it allows employees to get around the requirements of formal dress codes and hours of operation. Sometimes, however, people who work in teams will have to touch base with their coworkers in order to keep up with the deadlines. This is where an app like GoToMeeting comes in. It is arguably the most popular software of this nature in the world. 

Some of the features include smart meeting assistant, high-definition video conferences, recording, drawing tools, and much more. According to a developer who has experience with these types of apps, Naseem Salem, GoToMeeting is a great example of everything an app for remote workers should be. 

Google Hangouts

Naseem Salem further reminds that it is impossible to make a list of top apps for businesses without including some Google product. In this case, that would be Google Hangouts. This app allows people to make calls, send files, audio recordings, store important data on the cloud, and much more. Moreover, individuals can integrate their Hangouts with all of the other Google products like Sheets, Docs, Drive, and so on. Thus, the opportunities are practically limitless. 

Ultimately, a great way to make workers even more appreciated is to see what type of apps they would enjoy using. After all, no matter how advanced some of the aforementioned networks are, workers may not enjoy them. Thus, asking for feedback and making decisions based on it is the easiest way to avoid any problems in the future.

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