5 Reasons You Should Use An iPad POS For Your Restaurant

ipad POS software for restaurants

Restaurant owners run businesses that are on the go all the time and need a point of sale or pos system that offers the features that will make a restaurant owner’s life easier and support in more effectively running a restaurant.

Increased customer service

With a self-ordering POS or online food ordering system, you can not only free up the staff who normally take payments behind the counter but also reduce customer waiting time.

Mobile point of sale systems uses mobile devices such as tablets and phones which accept orders and payments on the go. These are different from traditional fixed POS systems which normally have a terminal, receipt printer in a set location within the restaurant.

Using iPads in your restaurant as portable ordering devices can make it easy for your waitering staff or even enable self-ordering so your customers can order themselves. You can also upload images of the latest dishes and meal options for staff to easily show customers who are undecided about their order and help boost secondary sales on drinks and desserts.

If you have outside catering venues or running events at entertainment or trade shows, an iPadPOSwith suitable software allows your business to operate and take quick payments, while ensuring to keep your customer data secure and up to date. With customer information from a POS, you can also provide loyalty or member programs to enhance the customer experience and improve sales.

Financial savings

Investing in a restaurant POS usually involves subscription fees and initial investment in hardware, but for many simple POS solutions, there are little to no installation or maintenance costs required. This type of solution frees up counter space from a fixed terminal as well as saving on costs. Installation usually involves downloading an app to set up the relevant software and if you have already got suitable iPad devices, this is one less cost to worry about.

Maximized use of staffing

The payroll is probably one of your biggest outgoings, so every time a staff member starts work you need to make the most use of their time as efficiently as possible. If you are paying them to learn a new system you want one that is very easy to use. Most kindergarten children are using iPads now from a very early age and a number of adults use them for both work and social activities, so most staff are familiar with the device and only some basic training to use the POS application is usually then required if you have a good Restaurant POS system.

Customers can order and pay using the same system, the food and drink order goes direct to the kitchen, so your staff does not waste time going back and forth. Table turnover increases so they can be engaging in the next order confident in the knowledge that the order made is being effectively handled by the kitchen staff. An effective POS also can keep track of stock management, so if an item is running low, the relevant staff know about this immediately.

Diversification of the business

With POS systems becoming more technologically sophisticated and mobile, you are no longer restricted to carrying out the traditional restaurant business where you have to be fixed in one location. This gives you the opportunity for some businesses to easily take their “show on the road”. Local and regional events such as festivals or food fairs, concerts, or sporting events, or anywhere that will offer a chance to offer your food and drink on the go, can be considered.

Additionally, more mobile POS systems provide the opportunity to better use space e.g putting tables and chairs outside your business for example as waitering staff can easily send orders electronically to the kitchen or customers can even order themselves using a self-ordering POS system. Space and time have taken going back and forth become much less of an issue opening up new opportunities.

With a POS that integrates all your data in one place, you can also keep track of sales and stock inventory from multiple sites and easily see in real-time which site is performing best and which sites require more attention.

Integration and transparency

If you already have in place other online platforms such as an accounting package, a modern POS system that uses the latest technology can very easily keep up to date and integrate with other platforms. Wherever you are based you can keep an eye on sales performance, including records of operations and how each staff member is using this technology and there is full transparency about how the business is operating.

Maximize your use of time with a minimum of effort by looking to use an effective restaurant POS system today to take your business to the next level.

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