US residential proxies: Why do companies use proxies?

US residential proxies

Want to increase network performance and data security? A proxy server, often known as a proxy, could be the solution for your business. Proxy servers can assist many different types of businesses and people in safeguarding their internet usage, from small companies to substantial office networks.

Let’s discuss the use of US residential proxies to open up business opportunities.

What are residential proxies?

Before learning what a residential proxy is, let’s break down how a proxy server works. A proxy server is an external network, router, or system that functions as a middleman, allowing users to connect to the internet using its IP address and location rather than their own. Proxy servers are classified into two types: Anonymous servers conceal the identities of their users, whereas transparent proxies make the originating IP address apparent to others.

A residential proxy server redirects internet traffic through an intermediary server, which accepts web traffic and forwards it to another device or website. It assigns the user an alternate residential IP address provided by an ISP, through which the server queries are routed.

This method reroutes activity through a separate device to transmit internet traffic to its intended destination. It hides the originating IP address from the destination website, making it difficult to determine where the requests come from.

Why do companies need to change IP addresses and use a proxy?

Most individuals are unaware of the benefits that proxy servers can provide. Some people have barely scratched the surface of proxies, with little knowledge of how they might open up the internet and aid in collecting online data.

Proxies provide much more. If you want to see steady business growth, they feature a lot of outstanding advantages for businesses. If your company has decided to go online, you should understand the competitive advantage that proxies can bring. And along with a competitive edge, there are many reasons why proxies can help your business reach its goals.

Improved security

Cybersecurity is one of the most critical problems for every business nowadays. After all, history has taught us how costly online breaches can be to an organization: the average cost of a cybersecurity breach globally in 2022 was $4.35M. Losses might be monetary or result in damage to your public image, or both, increasing the cost over this figure.

The magnitude of the damage caused by a data breach is not limited to employees; customers associated with the organization may also be at risk. It’s no wonder that hacking and data breaches are on the rise now that technology is so freely accessible.

Proxy servers, while not providing complete security, can defend an organization from cyber-attacks to a degree. They lessen the likelihood of a breach by acting as an additional barrier between your web servers and outside traffic.

Regulates web traffic

To avoid seeing your customer satisfaction ratings decrease, you must have constant uptime. Web traffic clogs your system and interferes with customers’ and potential customers’ access to your website when it is not adequately controlled. When these key visitors are unable to reach your website fast or have intermittent access, they simply choose another of the many options available to satisfy their demands.

Ideally, your website’s data is stored entirely on a web server. When a proxy server is added to the mix, the same load is distributed across multiple servers located all over the world. This way, your website can process massive amounts of consumer requests efficiently, increasing its capacity to fulfill customer demand.

Better network speeds

Proxy servers not only keep your server from crashing, but they can help speed up your network by compressing files, caching web pages, and preventing advertisements from appearing on websites. This frees up a lot of bandwidth, allowing everyone on your network to experience fast internet. Every year, user needs for speed become more challenging to meet. Research shows that if a website takes too long to load, customers may not follow through with visiting or purchasing from that website.

How to get a US IP address?

Using GeoSurf’s Residential IP proxy network, you may masquerade as a real user, remain anonymous, and avoid being monitored or blocked while performing data scraping, pricing tracking, social media monitoring, and other activities.

GeoSurf has over 175,000 IPs in the U, giving you access to specific cities across the country. This means if your business needs to geotarget ads in a particular state, you can appear as a user in the target state and run ad verification for that area.


Residential proxy servers offer many benefits to businesses and provide opportunities for businesses to improve many aspects of their operations. With GeoSurf, starting with their vast pool of US residential IPs by becoming a member is easy. Find the solution to your business needs by utilizing residential proxies today.

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