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Uptown Injury Law Makes History After Kyle Newman Wins Over 20M Verdict in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

In a recent decision by the Bronx Supreme Court, Uptown Injury Law, PLLC secured a groundbreaking verdict, winning $20.24 Million against St. Barnabas Hospital in a case demonstrating severe hospital negligence. The hospital’s staff failed to adequately respond to the plaintiff’s critical condition.

Attorney Kyle Newman, Esq., a renowned expert in New York personal injury law, successfully proved to the jury that St. Barnabas Hospital failed to deliver the essential care that the plaintiff, Lisa Darko needed, despite her displaying significant stroke symptoms, ultimately leading to her permanent disability.

Lisa Darko, a 61-year-old single mother of four who once led an independent life, faced a life-altering medical crisis in September 2017 following a medical crisis that left her permanently incapacitated. 

What Made the Hospital Liable for Millions in Damages?

The Lisa Darko v. St. Barnabas Hospital case highlights a fundamental failure in adhering to medical care standards. It all started when an EMS was called to Lisa Darko’s home on September 17, 2017, when she faced a hypertensive emergency, a severe condition characterized by extremely high blood pressure. In addition, her medical history was made worse by pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia, which further complicated her situation.

However, despite the urgency, Ms. Darko’s condition was reportedly overlooked by the hospital staff, who allegedly did not provide the necessary treatment and failed to admit her to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or monitor her condition adequately.

The oversight by St. Barnabas Hospital is further emphasized by the staff’s neglect to re-evaluate the plaintiff when she showed distressing symptoms early in the morning, such as confusion, agitation, and signs of an imminent stroke. The absence of a stroke code, re-evaluation, or appropriate diagnostic tests signifies considerable neglect in patient care.

Key issues attributed to the defendant in this case were:

  • The hospital’s inability to acknowledge the critical nature of Ms. Darko’s condition in light of her existing health issues.
  • The failure to meet the expected standard of care for a hypertensive emergency.
  • Miscommunication on the part of hospital staff and the lack of prompt action. 

The Irreversible Physical and Emotional Toll on the Plaintiff

Following the stroke, Ms. Darko was transferred to another medical facility for further treatment, but the window to mitigate the damage had closed. She suffered severe right-sided paralysis, rendering her right arm unusable and significantly restricting movement in her right leg. This paralysis stripped her of the independence to carry out basic daily tasks on her own.

Beyond the paralysis, she suffered sensory loss on the right side of her body, described by Ms. Darko as a persistent feeling of pins and needles accompanied by tingling sensations. In addition, her physical challenges were compounded by a right visual field cut, drastically limiting her right-side vision. This issue was further aggravated by existing diabetic retinopathy, impacting her vision on the left side as well.

The stroke also led to severe incontinence, necessitating the use of 8-10 diapers daily, thereby intensifying her distress over the loss of bodily function control.

Moreover, Ms. Darko’s mobility has been significantly affected. She is unable to stand on her own and needs substantial assistance to move from one place to another. Support is required even for sitting on an unsupported bench or stool to avoid falling.

Emotionally, Ms. Darko faces considerable turmoil, with episodes of frequent crying triggered both spontaneously and by the frustration stemming from her physical constraints and pain. These physical and emotional consequences highlight the grave outcomes of the medical neglect she experienced.

The Trial’s Course and Decision

Six years into her challenging ordeal, Ms. Darko, under the adept representation of attorney Kyle Newman, pursued justice against St. Barnabas Hospital. This case proved particularly tough as the hospital attempted to shift the blame onto Ms. Darko’s pre-existing health conditions.

The legal proceedings scrutinized the medical treatment Ms. Darko received at St. Barnabas Hospital. Testimonies from expert witnesses, including healthcare professionals, were centered on the care standards for hypertensive emergency patients and the requisite monitoring and reassessment protocols.

While the defense from the hospital maintained that all appropriate measures were taken, attorney Kyle Newman, Esq., representing Ms. Darko, demonstrated a failure to adequately monitor and address her critical condition.

The trial also shed light on the profound emotional and psychological distress suffered by Ms. Darko and her family. Previously self-sufficient, Ms. Darko’s life has been drastically altered; she now experiences continual pain, relies on a wheelchair, and depends on others for daily activities.

Her children, serving as her primary caregivers, shared the significant shift in their family life and the emotional toll it has taken on them.


Following a demanding 15-day trial and five hours of jury deliberation, St. Barnabas Hospital was found 100% responsible for their negligence, leading to a groundbreaking conclusion. Initially, the hospital had declined to offer any compensation, but the verdict favored Ms. Darko significantly.

The Jury’s Verdict and Breakdown of Compensation

The jury awarded Ms. Darko $20,240,000 in damages as a reflection of the serious impact of the medical negligence she suffered. This award was meticulously categorized to cover various aspects of her suffering:

  • $5 Million for past pain and suffering since the stroke in 2017.
  • $9.24 Million earmarked for anticipated future pain and suffering over 23.1 years, acknowledging the enduring consequences she will encounter.
  • $6 Million designated for future medical expenses, securing her access to necessary medical care.

A Verdict That Echoes Beyond the Courtroom

The $20.24 million verdict against St. Barnabas Hospital not only represents a monumental victory for Lisa Darko but also serves as an indication of the enduring spirit of justice and the relentless pursuit of accountability in the face of medical negligence. 

Furthermore, this case sets a precedent, highlighting the critical intersection of medical practice and legal recourse and reinforcing the message that medical negligence will not go unchecked. 

In the broader context, it serves as a beacon of hope for victims of medical malpractice, affirming that the legal system can and will stand as a bulwark against negligence, ensuring that victims are duly compensated and that similar tragedies are averted in the future.

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