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Upcoming Summit on Business Transformation and The Importance of Data Intelligence

From start to finish, data and analytics play a crucial role in organizations and businesses as they undergo a digital transformation. 

In these competitive times, businesses have all types of goals. Whether these are to compete, sustain or disrupt, business transformation is at the top of their priority lists as we move into 2022.

Data’s Importance in the Process of Digital Transformation

When looking for a standard term for digital transformation, it is hard to pinpoint exactly because for each business it means something else. For retail stores, it might mean adding an eCommerce website to the existing business model. Digital commerce companies could want to streamline their logistics or improve their customer experiences. Then again, fintech providers want to better their customer experience by offering more personalized products.

Regardless of how digital transformation is defined, to be successful, businesses and organizations must implement the right data strategy, supported by the right technology. Moreover, data without focused analytics and implementation is of no use in any digital transformation effort.

Data-Driven Decisions Increase Competitiveness 

Data is the path to designing a strategic roadmap based on data-driven analytics and decisions. Successful companies are the ones that have placed themselves in a position to use the data quickly and effectively.

Data provides the information required, but analytics provide the insights that lead to informed decision-making, helping to overcome key business problems. Several problems businesses face include data silos, poor quality data, and failing to meet customer expectations.

The problem with data siloes is that the data is sectioned off to different areas of an organization. When data is all over the show, its value is lost because the data can’t effectively be integrated and optimized.

Data is a valued asset for every organization, but often the quality of the data is poor. Meeting the objectives of a business requires high-quality data which is easier to manage, own, and keep secure. This type of data transparency leads to better decision-making within all areas of every organization.

Today’s business customers expect seamless end-to-end experiences. Companies cannot provide this without a better understanding of their customers. Therefore, data is important because it provides these invaluable insights.

Invaluable Data and Its Analytics Components

Business transformations often fall short of their objectives for various reasons. However, a strategic data and analytics framework allows a business to successfully move forward long-term, ensuring an ongoing ROI.  

Caserta holds a leading position in the data and analytics service industry. Industry leaders make up a team of data professionals who understand the challenges faced by businesses. The team includes data engineers, data architects, and data scientists who undertake the task of helping businesses develop clear data strategies, source the right talent, and execute their vision.

This is how business transformation is ensured at Caserta:

A data strategy or defined plan outlines how to use the data to achieve the business goals. This is especially important because it clarifies the vision and mission translated into a road map. Caserta is known for its architect and design innovative solutions based on solid frameworks and supporting methodologies. Finally, supporting business transformation requires a data management plan to help solve problems like quality issues and data silos.  

“Using data to transform business is a top priority for established organizations in almost every vertical. However, leaders are still struggling to make use of the mountains of data out there. The Data Intelligence Summit will bring together CIOs and other data and analytics executives who will help guide leaders on the key considerations, opportunities and challenges of crafting an effective to transform business through data.” — Remy Rosenbaum, VP Marketing & Analytics.

Caserta Presents a Data Intelligence Summit

The exciting news for everybody interested in learning more about the power of data and analytics is that Caserta recently announced a one-day conference. The Data Intelligence summit, to be held on November 17th, 2021,  is ideal for senior business leaders, CIOs, CDOs, CCOs, etc. Here everyone will have the chance to connect with other knowledgeable data leaders who will offer insights into harnessing the value data insights.

As 2022 approaches, the summit attendees will have a chance to learn about solutions to help them formulate their strategies. The thought-provoking insights will be offered by several speakers from several organizations, including Joe Caserta, founder and CEO of Caserta, Tom Cahill, SVP of Banner Bank, Basant Nanda, Head of Technology at Ameriprise Financial, Jesse Santos, MD of Alpha Data Platform, Aileen Blass, Sr, Data Strategist Caserta, and so many more notable guests.

The interesting agenda will tackle all aspects of how modernized data ecosystems can play a vital role in digital transformation. Anyone wanting to monetize data by leveraging the latest technologies can book tickets at Caserta’s website. 

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