Upcoming mobile trends of 2020


It’s astonishing just how far mobile technology has come in a relatively short space of time. While the first ever smartphone was invented way back in 1992, it was only around 10 years ago that the smartphone obsession really kicked in – and after that, it was plain to see that there was no turning back. 

If you’re curious to learn how mobile will continue to develop in the coming years, we’ve highlighted the rumoured upcoming mobile trends of 2020 – and some of them are seriously impressive. 

1) Artificial intelligence and prediction of user behaviors 

We’ve all heard of Amazon Alexa and Google Hub, and these cloud-based voice services are two of the biggest examples of artificial intelligence that we have today. It’s thought that by the end of 2020, artificial intelligence will have influenced mobile app development even more so than it has already. Users will be able to sit back and let AI do its thing, whether that’s controlling their devices, doing their housework, or simplifying their everyday tasks. 

2) 5G technology

There have been all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories about 5G this year, but regardless, it’s still expected to be one of the most prominent trends of 2020. The 5G Wi-Fi network is said to offer internet speeds of up to 100 times faster than 4G, so it certainly has a big selling point. It’s likely that by the end of 2020, we’ll see an increase in 5G compatible mobile devices, and the network will also work well for improved data security, 3D gaming and AR. 

3) Instant mobile apps

Instant mobile apps are smaller-sized mobile apps that don’t provide all of the features and functions of the full app, but give you a good taster of what to expect. It’s looking like these instant apps will prove popular throughout 2020, thanks to their ability to allow users to test an app to decide whether it’s for them before downloading the complete version. Many instant apps can be downloaded by scanning a QR code, which is an easy way for brands to reach out to customers from wherever in the world. 

4) Mobile app builders

There was once a time when building an app for mobile required an in-depth knowledge of coding, a substantial amount of money, and a lot of spare time. Now, in many cases, it simply requires a while label mobile app builder. This useful tool enables you to use a drag and drop function to produce an entire app with virtually no effort or skill required. It’s a bit like creating a website on a platform that offers templates, features, tabs, and the option to customize to produce your intended end product. 

5) Wearable devices

We’ve seen a lot of hype around wearable devices already, and this is only set to increase as the year goes on. By the end of 2020, smartwatches and fitness bands will be more popular than ever, with improved connectivity to mobile phones and a more varied product range to suit all budgets. 

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