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Upcoming metaverse-game Race Kingdom unites all aspects of P2E racing games in multilingual, immersive experience

Race Kingdom is an upcoming metaverse game with a mission to disrupt the play-to-earn gaming industry with its unique NFT creatures collection. Combining the world of art, tech, and gaming, Race Kingdom aims to create a truly immersive Web3 experience, focusing on exotic NFTs and racing arenas.  The startup is designed to leverage blockchain technology to provide its own financial ecosystem powered by ATOZ, the highly coveted crypto token of the game.

Over three billion people regularly participate in gaming, making it the largest segment in the entertainment industry. Players would be able to get access to a multilingual metaverse that lets them buy, race, and breed NFT creatures like camels, horses, snails, or hybrids with unique attributes and strengths. Within Race Kingdom, players can also own different arenas, customize them, and host races and championship tournaments.

“It is our mission to provide a unique metaverse experience to the global gaming community. We focus on what people want – a new way of entertaining while monetizing their experience. For us, P2E first and foremost stands for play to enjoy, which will allow us to create a superior metaverse game that revolves around our community. Moreover, the game will be available in multiple languages which will remove communication barriers between players and connect them worldwide,” – mentioned Omar Gull, CEO of Race Kingdom. 

The first NFT creature collection of the Race Kingdom is NFT Camels. The game aims to transform the classic, cultural animal racing experience into a cybernated adventure, where users can have a different identity, meet friends, attend events, buy goods and services, and build their very own digital life. Among other initial NFTs are horses for exposure to a bigger gamers’ market; and snails for a unique and extraordinary racing experience.

A huge part of the game’s origin comes from the massive adoption of NFTs across the world. With many countries spearheading the Blockchain, Crypto & NFT space, Race Kingdom believes that its unique NFTs and gameplay will be a sure standout amidst the various crypto gaming contenders.

About Race Kingdom:

Race Kingdom is a play-to-earn game to be released on PC and Mac in 2022.  Unlike alternative crypto games, it is built by gamers for gamers with the intent to keep playing to enjoy and have a multilingual highly-immersive experience. The startup is set to disrupt the play-to-earn space with a hyper futuristic metaverse design and gameplay that allows users to interact and socialise with their NFTs and other players.

Users aim to obtain in-game tokens, called ATOZ, with which they can buy, breed, train, complete tasks, and compete in races using NFT creatures, gaining a competitive advantage that will allow them to earn even further.

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