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In 2021, crypto experts observed hype in the trade of crypto coins. Many new coins were introduced like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Further, Bitcoin touched new heights of popularity. Ethereum got successful in maintaining the top second position in market value. The upcoming airdrops seem to remain active and dynamic in 2022 as well. Similarly, several upcoming crypto projects are in the pipeline. We have selected the top 3 upcoming crypto projects to add to your information.

  • Release of Ethereum 2.0

Beginning with, Ethereum 2.0 is going to hit the decentralized Ethereum blockchain soon. The current Ethereum network has been working on the Proof of Work mechanism. This mechanism requires greater energy consumption to move on. The developers of Ethereum are going to shift the whole Ethereum ecosystem to the proof of stake. This mechanism will make the transactions sharper and more accurate comparatively. Developers of Ethereum 2.0 claim that this newer development can process thousands of transactions in seconds without causing any delay. 

This upcoming crypto seems to launch in 2022 and it will prove a greater facility for ETH users. this switching from ETH to ETH 2.0 will surely affect the market value and other Ethereum blockchain processes positively.  

  • Expanding SHIBA Inu Ecosystem

Since the launch of the SHIBA Inu, developers have been continuously expanding this ecosystem to other countries. Nearly 4.5 million users have been using it in 130 countries. In 2022, you will see the utility of SHIB in Italy, India, Venezuela, the USA, and turkey as well. 

For instance, after the continuous decline of the Lira, Turkish citizens have turned to crypto trading. SHIB team held a meeting recently with the former minister of economy. The goal is to enhance the store of value of SHIB.

  • Upcoming ICO projects

Upcoming airdrops may also include upcoming ICO projects. The ICOs are a greater way to raise funds for newer crypto coins or crypto-based apps. An initial coin offering is nearly similar to the initial public offering. Fundraising through ICO keeps it distinctive from IPO. Several ICO projects are on the top of the websites. These upcoming airdrops can boost the sale of the upcoming crypto coins or tokens. You can check out the hot upcoming ICO on the top crypto websites. 


To sum up, the worldwide increasing inflation has reduced the value of fiat currencies. It turned the investors to trade in cryptocurrencies. Upcoming airdrops can increase the hype for the crypto market. Several crypto projects are soon to be launched in 2022. In 2020, and 2021, the popularity of cryptocurrencies has given birth to several new phenomena including the crypto Metaverse. Therefore, crypto experts like to promote and enhance the crypto trade to get superb benefits. 

No doubt, the upcoming crypto projects are next-generation projects. You will soon see the practical implication of upcoming crypto airdrops in daily life. The upcoming crypto projects are more environment–friendly and user-friendly as well. We hope to see the success of upcoming crypto projects. 

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