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Up Close and Personal With MetaFighter’s CEO Serkan Duman: The Community’s Questions Answered

  • Hello! Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and give us an insight into the team you lead.

I am Serkan, the founder of MetaFighter. I’ve been in the crypto space since 2016 and fell in love with the potential of the technology. As a longtime gamer and fan of Street Fighter, Tekken and Mortal Kombat, I felt like it is a genre that is underrepresented in the space with so much potential to integrate tokens and NFTs to make the user experience better compared to traditional games. 

That’s how Metafighter started. Since the initial idea we have built up a team of 20+ people supporting and developing the project. About half of the team is our devs who do Blockchain and game development, the rest takes care of marketing, community and partnerships. 

  • What is MetaFighter? What was the inspiration behind the decision to make an arcade fighting game that leverages blockchain technology?

MetaFighter is a homage to classic arcade fighting, a genre that has had a fanbase for over 20 years based on a very simple concept: Easy to get into, hard to master. It fascinated gamers all around the globe, including myself, for its fast-paced action and different playstyles. 

Blockchain gives us the chance to add a layer of depth and ownership to players that wasn’t possible before. Thanks to NFTs and tokens, players can now put their tokens where their mouth is and get rewarded for their skills. NFTs allow true ownership of the fighters and give us the possibility to integrate a levelling system akin to role playing games where players are able to build and advance their fighters and reap the benefits of their sweat and tears from mastering the game.


  • What is your opinion on the current state of, and opportunities within, the P2E gaming market? Where will MetaFighter fit into this landscape? What makes it unique?

First and foremost, we want to create an immersive game experience that is fun to play. Metafighter is not only P2E but it will be playable without crypto assets and thus be approachable to mainstream gamers. Of course this will not allow them to earn tokens or build their NFT, but we see a great chance to eventually convert them into crypto users and draw new players into the space. Metaverses and P2E give gamers great opportunities to harvest the fruits of the hard work they put into a game. Due to the skill based nature of arcade fighting, we see it as the fairest form to reward good players and not create a whale-only zone where it’s just about how much money you have, but really how good you are at the game.

  • What is the $MF token, what does it do, and why do you think people will want to buy it?

$MF is what makes the MetaFighter universe such a thrilling place to be, and lets you enjoy the full glory of the metaverse.

In game, $MF has four major uses:

Players can wager on their own skill and earn $MF tokens by beating their opponents in single combat in Fight to Earn mode. This will be the main way that players can earn real-world value from their skills.

$MF tokens will also be used to buy into tournaments and the chance to earn huge prizes by being the best and taking home the championship.

Holding $MF will boost the EXP gained in Fight to Earn mode, and $MF can also be earned by completing set achievements in game so that players can get hold of $MF without having to buy it off the market.

$MF can be used to buy the Fighter NFTs, skins, superpowers and Arenas off the MetaFighter marketplace.

$MF holders become part of the game development and are integrated into governance decisions on features, add-ons and new content.$MF as Currency, Staking, and Investment

  • MetaFighter has done IGOs on several prominent launchpads. How have they gone so far and when, and where, will the token be released to the general public?

We are humbled by the feedback and support we’ve received from our partners and their communities. For us, our community and users are the biggest asset and we want to treat them as such and allow them to create “their game” by voting and deciding on new fighters, features and the actual game development. We are by the players for the players. 

The TGE will happen on April 12. Listing will be done on PancakeSwap and others to follow – stay tuned for more to come! 

  • Many companies are claiming they have released NFTs with real utility. How do MetaFighter’s Fighter and Arena NFTs offer value to the player?

We wanted to really include our NFTs into the game and give them multiple layers of utility to ensure retention and replay value. That’s why we created dynamic fighter NFTs that grow with the players and arena NFTs that allow the users to become part of the game and create their own business within our game ecosystem. 

The heroes are what make MetaFighter what it is. The diverse cast, fabulous artwork and unique combat style of each hero will captivate players and collectors alike. The Fighter NFTs are the player’s main collectible, and training them allows players to customize their fighter to their own combat style. The Fighter NFTs also unlock value for the player as they can be bought, sold, trained, and rented out to new players for passive income.

Arenas are MetaFighter’s showcase NFTs. They are the biggest prize in the MetaFighter universe, and the NFTs many individuals and communities within the game will aspire to own as they create their home in the MetaFighter metaverse. There, they can curate their own tournaments and fighters and rent out advertising space, creating a sustainable in-game business as a result for themselves or their community as a result.

Arena NFTs each represent their own DAOs in the MetaFighter metaverse. The arena generates revenues from fights and tournaments it hosts. Players visit arenas as they travel through the world map, with each Arena NFT offering its own types of match ups and tournaments to participate in.

  • What is your ultimate vision for MetaFighter? In five years, what would you like the fighting metaverse to look like?

Our vision is to take MetaFighter beyond the crypto space and ultimately attract traditional gamers and ideally get it into the Esports world. 

We see the fighting metaverse as a thriving ecosystem with multiple ways of cross pollination with other games, metaverses and communities. Arena NFTs allow other crypto projects, companies or guilds to host their own tournaments and create their own fan base around the game.

Metafighter will constantly evolve with new fighters, content and partners and as such we are aiming to provide a long lasting world that’s fun to explore and never gets old. After 20 years, there are still people playing the original Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. That’s what we want to recreate. 

  • Finally, can you excite our readers with any news about upcoming developments in the MetaFighter universe that most won’t be aware of?

Our payable demo will be out by May, giving everyone the opportunity to experience what we are building firsthand.

We are currently hosting our NFT presale, so for everyone that still needs a fighter make sure not to miss the opportunity, this will be a one-off. 

The first blockchain functions will be out in summer, starting with our own NFT Marketplace. 

We encourage everyone to give us feedback and ensure that the game experience is what users want. Also we have a lot of partnerships lined up that will be revealed as we move along. To find out more, join our community and become an active member

Good things will come to our active supporters, you can count on that! For instance, we heard that our community likes Teslas 🙂

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