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Marriage is designed to last; however, the reality is that not every marriage does. This is where divorce signing and processing comes in. Different countries have different processes for registering, divorce papers and processing them to have a divorce certificate. Though Singapore does not hold a high divorce rate, there will always be couples wishing to divorce than to live together. Nonetheless, the process of registering intention to divorce and the paperwork involved can get too long. Moreover, in the case assets and children are involved in the divorce without agreement on how to part ways fairly, clients will always seek for legal assistance with the divorce legal process. This is where family attorneys come in. A family attorney can save you a fair deal of time and stress that comes in the filing of divorce papers and following the files to the processing. In the cases where high emotions are involved, the client may choose to engage an attorney to avoid dealing with the intricacies of the processes themselves.

Choosing the right family attorney is very essential. It determines the experience and even the outcome of the case. Therefore, in this article, we unveil you a glimpse of the world of top family attorneys in Singapore.

  1. Clement Yong

Top in the list is Clement Yong, a seasoned family attorney with over ten years of experience practicing law in Singapore. What sets Clement Yong apart from the rest is his rich professional profile in family law and judgment. He has served as a district judge in family courts for some time and has many written judgments from his tenure in public service in Singapore. Besides, Clement Yong has also served as a deputy prosecutor in the attorney general’s chamber in Singapore and as a legal officer in the Legal Aid Bureau. In over a decade, Clement Yong, through his law offices, has helped hundreds of couples solve their differences amicably.

  1. Aaron Peng

Aaron Peng is a distinguished family lawyer in Singapore with wide experience and fields of practice. You will find in Aaron Peng many things. with a decade in practicing law, Aaron Peng has developed competencies in the representation of clients in a variety of litigation fieldsincluding commercial and corporate law, civil litigation, and intellectual property among others.

  1. Victor Huang

For clients with difficult asset and financial involvements in their divorce cases, Victor Huang would be a perfect choice. Before becoming a lawyer, Victor Huang obtained a bachelor’s degree in applied accounting, a diploma in general insurance and risk management, and a diploma in accounting and finance. Therefore, he has vast experience in financial literacy  and is the best choice to represent clients who need serious legal assistance in sharing their joint investment before parting ways.

  1. Wilson Yeo

Wilson Yeo is a renowned family law attorney in Singapore with many other accolades. Before pursuing a law degree in law school, Wilson Yeo first obtaineda bachelor’s degree e in civil engineering. He later graduated among the best in his cohort and has represented clients in very senior courts including state courts and the supreme court in Singapore.

  1. Kenneth Wong

Kenneth Wong is a household name in Singapore in the law sector in Singapore. He is the managing director of KennethWong LLC with over 13 years of legal practice in Singapore. The wide range of legal practice fields Kenneth include civil, family and criminal law, including others.

behind Singapore’s smoothest divorces stand a cadre of legal minds dedicated to guiding families through challenging transitions with empathy and expertise. From negotiation to advocacy to digital innovation, these family lawyers in Singapore exemplify the transformative potential of their profession, paving the way for a more compassionate and efficient approach to family law in Singapore.





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