Unveiling the Future of Virtual Fashion: ZTX Announces Revolutionary Partner Wearables Collection in Collaboration with Dust Labs 

ZTX Announces Revolutionary Partner Wearables Collection in Collaboration with Dust Labs 

Ready to explore the future of virtual fashion? Embrace the magic of ZTX’s partner wearables and prepare to be whisked away into a mesmerizing 3D open-world unlike any other. In a partnership with Dust Labs, the cutting-edge virtual world platform ZTX has revealed its first-ever collection of partner wearables. And this is a game-changer you won’t want to miss!

It is more than just a digital art collection for a thriving global community of visionaries, artists, innovators and creators. Dust Labs is the company behind the launch of DeGods. So, if you’re a proud DeGods holder, brace yourself for a delightful treat! ZTX has created a community-centric initiative to bring DeGods enthusiasts exclusive and branded wearables, accessible via the user-friendly ZTX Avatar Builder. Users now can start exploring a 3D open-world while wearing unique DeGods-branded hoodies and sweatpants, seamlessly integrated into the application. It’s a dream come true for digital collectible enthusiasts.

The Avatar Builder, an incredible web application by ZTX, allows users to create and customize full-body 3D avatars with a range of dazzling wearables and cosmetics. Say goodbye to generic avatars; you can now look exactly how you desire in the immersive ZTX 3D open-world platform. But it doesn’t stop there – ZTX’s wearables revolution extends beyond appearances.

Digital collectible projects, like the much-loved DeGods, are set to reward their communities with an array of 3D utility assets through ZTX’s groundbreaking wearables. These assets will take the original IP to new heights of immersive experiences. Imagine venturing into a vibrant universe, all without having to build complex applications from scratch. It’s a seamless journey into the virtual realm.

The visionary minds at Dust Labs, the driving force behind the mesmerizing DeGods and y00ts digital collections, are exhilarated about this partnership. By offering their community members exclusive digital assets like the partner wearables, DeGods aims to become the number one virtual community worldwide. Brace yourselves for the extraordinary experiences awaiting you.

But that’s not all! ZTX has more surprises in store. The private beta of the 3D open-world application is set to launch soon, followed by the groundbreaking Genesis Home Mint. The Genesis Homes collection, with 4,000 bespoke, 3D homes, offers its residents fantastic benefits, including governance opportunities and exclusive access to future drops, events, and games. The future of virtual living has never looked this enticing!

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