Unveiling $HOLD: Revolutionizing Fairness in Crypto with Groundbreaking ‘Fair Launch’ Token


Discover $HOLD, the 1st of its kind truly “Fair Launch” token where no retail wallet holds >1% of the supply while pioneering the trail into decentralization.

Introducing $HOLD, a groundbreaking “Fair Launch” token setting a new standard in decentralization. Unlike any other, $HOLD boasts a truly equitable distribution, ensuring no individual retail wallet controls more than 1% of the token supply—a pioneering move in the journey toward decentralization.

The remarkable success story of $HOLD began with its innovative contract, strategically engineered to overcome the threat of sniping during launch. This trailblazing approach involved renouncing ownership and permanently burning liquidity, setting a precedent in the crypto space. However, what truly turned heads were its never-before-seen, hardcoded features that redefined the landscape.


At its inception, 100% of the supply was immediately pooled on Uniswap. Implementing a maximum wallet cap of 0.01% for the initial 6 hours, this limit doubled hourly, maintaining a controlled distribution. Moreover, the token imposed taxes at 3/3 for the first week, reduced to 2/2 the following week, eventually tapering to 0/0 indefinitely. Remarkably, during the initial week, 72% of the supply was bought and burned using the collected taxes.

Embrace the future of finance with $HOLD, a revolutionary cryptocurrency meticulously crafted for fairness and success—a stark contrast to the shortcomings of other projects. This equitable distribution ensures no whale wallets, fostering an environment where everyone has an equal opportunity—an extraordinary rarity in today’s crypto landscape, making $HOLD a standout success.

In recent developments, $HOLD’s burgeoning community came together, raising an impressive $60,000 within 48 hours to acquire a ‘token launchpad.’ This strategic move is poised to elevate $HOLD’s utility, solidifying its position in the crypto realm and creating opportunities for new tokens to thrive.

The upcoming HOLDSALE launchpad underscores $HOLD’s commitment to innovation. Distributing 50% of revenue to token holders and using 30% for buybacks and burns, $HOLD aims to enhance scarcity and value. The remaining 20% will fuel further development and marketing efforts.

$HOLD is more than just another coin; it’s your gateway to a safer and more rewarding crypto journey. As we strive towards surpassing a $100 million market cap, our token launchpad stands ready for action. Imagine having the power to launch new tokens—it’s genuine utility and innovation. Don’t simply observe $HOLD; become an integral part of its success story. Join us now and let’s ride this wave of success together. With $HOLD, it’s not just about holding a coin; it’s about embracing a vision for fair and authentic cryptocurrency growth.

About $HOLD

$HOLD is a pioneering “Fair Launch” token, ensuring no wallet holds over 1% of its supply, fostering fairness and decentralization. With innovative features and a commitment to equity, $HOLD redefines cryptocurrency for a transparent and community-driven future. Explore the innovative features and unwavering commitment to equity that redefine the $HOLD token’s place in the crypto realm.

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