Unveiling b0rder1ess: Revolutionizing NFTs for the future 

In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3, a trailblazer emerges, pushing the boundaries of what NFTs can achieve. The genesis of b0rder1ess dates back to January 2022, a time when NFT collecting reached its zenith. 

The project began as a venture to create an exquisite NFT collection at the intersection of crypto and art and has transformed into a movement with the potential to expand Web3 beyond boundaries.

As the bear market cast its transformative light, the visionaries behind b0rder1ess saw an opportunity not just to create a valuable collection but to contribute substantially to the NFT space.

b0rder1ess charts its course toward a Q1 2024 debut and suggests a dual focus on .studio and .1ab: the project operates on two pivotal fronts – the .studio, offering turnkey solutions for NFT/DeFi projects, and the .1ab, dedicated to developing innovative products for the Web3 market.

The .1ab is launching its first product – NAP (Native Assurance Protocol) in Q1 2024. The innovative protocol introduces a seamless integration of DeFi perks with NFTs through the establishment of a side market, offering a range of significant benefits. 

NAP ensures guaranteed NFT liquidity, as the value of NFTs is substantiated by DeFi liquidity, providing a secure foundation for your investment.  Additionally, users can enjoy the convenience of NFT instant sellback, with quick and efficient sellback options enhancing the overall user experience. Furthermore, NAP contributes to enhanced market stability within the NFT market, fostering a more solid and predictable financial environment. It also grants early access to a new market, allowing users to gain exclusive entry into the emerging convergence of NFT and DeFi realms, providing a unique and advantageous position in this evolving market. 

The .1ab’s commitment to transparency and reliability ensures no “rug pulls”, offering users complete peace of mind by eliminating concerns about unexpected losses. NAP stands as a pioneering solution at the intersection of DeFi and NFTs, providing a secure, efficient, and exclusive experience for users entering this dynamic market.

One of the key directions of the project is to bring NFTs beyond mere digital tokens, envisioning them as integral aspects of daily life.

With marketing support from Polygon Labs, the team has already successfully concluded the Blocklogica accelerator program and recently secured a $500,000 funding boost through a pre-seed round facilitated by the angels from the AX1 syndicate. The funds will mainly be used to develop NAP to a public version and conduct a technical audit.

The co-founders emphasize the importance of community-oriented projects and the distribution of created value within the project’s community for building a strong decentralized organization in the Web3 space.

b0rder1ess stands as a dynamic catalyst within the Web3 sphere, employing a holistic strategy to redefine the digital asset landscape, bolster confidence in the NFT market, and actively contribute to the wider Web3 community.

“For me, b0rder1ess, it’s primarily about expanding the capabilities of NFT as a tool. I am fascinated by the development of Web3, and I see the opportunity for NFTs to become much more than just existing options like a media carrier or be dependent on off-chain utilities. We believe people will use NFTs much more frequently in the future than they do now, they will use it in their daily life. We warmly welcome complex infrastructure projects that solve extraordinary problems in the industry, such as Lens Protocol and many more, and hope that our solution will take its modest place in alliance with such titans of the industry” – KK, the visionary Co-Founder behind b0rder1ess.

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