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Logicmojo offers comprehensive training programs that align with the advancements in the digital world, making it a beacon for those aiming to make their mark in top tech companies.

A Unique Approach to Learning:

Logicmojo distinguishes itself by offering Live Interactive classes, tailored not just for working professionals but also for fresh candidates eyeing a significant breakthrough in top product organizations. Their weekend live sessions are particularly beneficial for professionals from various domains, allowing them to balance their current job responsibilities with upskilling opportunities.
Diverse Course Offerings:

Logicmojo’s curriculum is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of interests and career paths within the tech industry:

Advanced-Data Science, Machine Learning & AI Master Course:

Data Science Course to Make a career in Data Science & AI 

Duration: 7 months.

Highlights: Covering a full stack of data science, Machine learning & Artificial intelligence. 

Modules Covered:  Advanced Python, statistics, machine learning, neural networks, GenAI, deep learning, and computer vision.

Project-Based Learning: Over 20 projects offer hands-on experience in Data Science and machine Learning, Deep Learing making it ideal for those transitioning from a software domain to a data science background.

Tools : Jupyter, TensorFlow, Pytorch, NumPy, Pandas, MongoDB, Hadoob, ChatGPT

Who should Target this Course:

  1. Working Professionals who wants to Switch there Domain to Data Science, Machine Learning & AI
  2. Freshers Candidates who wants to start there career as a Data Scientist/ML Engineer/MLops/ AI engineer
  3. Candidate having deep interest in explaining the Area of Data Science & AI and make there profile towards new AI technologies.

Full Stack Development Course:

Target Audience: Ideal for those aspiring to become Full Stack Developers. This is a Full Stack Developer Course for become experts in complete software Development Lifecycle.

Curriculum: Comprehensive training of Complete Full Stack Training with front-end and back-end technologies and Database Technologies.

Technologies Covered:

Frontend: HTML/CSS, JavaScript , React JS, Angular JS, REST API

Backend: Node JS, SpringBoot, Express.js, Kafka, Microservices, Redis, Hadoop, Big Data.

Database Management: NoSQL (Mongo DB, Cassandra, CouchDB), MYSQL, PL/SQL, 

Version Control : Git/GitHub, Bitbucket

Market Demand: Full Stack Developers are highly sought after in the software development sector. 

Advanced Data Structures, Algorithms & System Design(HLD +LLD):

This Course is mandatory for every candidate in IT irrespective of their domain. Every engineer that hires in IT companies should have Data Structures and System design HLD and LLD rounds.

Duration: 7 months.

Course Structure: The first 4 months focus on Data Structures and algorithms, followed by 3 months dedicated to System Design Classes.

Who should Target this Course:

  1. Any working professionals target to Top Product organization like MAANG companies. 
  2. Working professionals trying to switch from service to product based Companies.
  3. Freshers Targeting for Working With Dream Companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Uber etc.

Relevance: Crucial for candidates appearing for SDE roles, Software Engineer Roles as well as senior targeting for Senior Lead roles or Architect roles in Top tech Organizations. 

Data Analytics Course:

Designed For: Individuals from a non-programming background. Candidate prepare from Logicmojo Data Analytics Courses to become a data Analyst.

Duration: 5 months.

Outcome: Equips candidates with the necessary skills to become data analysts. Data Analyst is most demanding role in Industry with huge number of Job opportunities’.

Logicmojo’s commitment to its candidates extends beyond traditional education:

Mock Interviews: Prior to job assistance, the Logicmojo team conducts a series of mock interviews with each candidate, led by senior architects from top tech firms. This provides invaluable feedback and real-world interview experience.

Job Assistance: The ultimate goal of Logicmojo’s courses is to place candidates in top product-based companies. Post-course completion, Logicmojo offers referrals to renowned product-based organizations and MAANG companies. This ongoing support continues until candidates secure their desired positions.


Logicmojo’s meticulously designed courses, combined with real-world interview preparation and dedicated job assistance, make it a standout choice for anyone aiming to excel in the tech industry. Whether you’re a working professional or a newcomer to the tech world, Logicmojo provides the tools, skills, and support needed to navigate the competitive landscape of top tech companies successfully.

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